Halloween on the screen: Ideas and actions to get in the mood for the day, Theme – City Vibe

Normally on such days we would visit the town’s seasonal shops to buy colorful accessories and wigs, plan the carnival rides from the town center and the frenetic celebration from Metaxourgeio to “Niarchos” with free concerts and programs for the whole family.

For the second year, however, the pandemic puts a brake on meetings and events, but compared to last year, the public and organizers are much more familiar with internet broadcasting, so if we are looking for the carefree atmosphere of carnival, there are actions that we can enjoy and cheer up from home.

The carnival “In your house from the inside”

Against the gloom of confinement, with imagination and a predisposition for trolls as the spirit of carnival normally protects, the municipality of Ilioupolis collaborated with artists and creative groups from the area to motivate the citizens in original masquerades and fun activities from home: with “How To” video series, The artist Manolis Tsambourakis gives ideas by creating bird-shaped masks and Victorian wigs from simple materials in minutes, while Christina Maraveli presents step by step impressive makeup for zombies, tigers or other transformations.

And for the ideas to take place, there are three parallels fun challenges at TikTok of the Municipality of Ilioupoli, which were prepared by the actors Thanos Tokakis, Makis Papadimitriou & Alkistis Ziro. Make your own humorous video, add #StoSpitakiSouMesa to the caption and win prizes from the March 15th drawing. More information and material here.


Carnival party from Vamvakou, Laconia

From the slopes of Parnon, Vamvakou Laconia overcomes the kilometers and travels to our screen, through the digital actions organized and broadcast for free by the initiative Vamvakou Revival for the whole of March, as part of which a carnival party is being prepared last sunday of carnival (14/03, 6 pm).

you hosted her Flora Kalomiri and Maria Verdilou, The program includes what you can expect from a fun masquerade party: confetti and streamers, games and improvisations, lots of stories and a dance competition to highlight the most expressive and imaginative movement. First come, first served. Reservations are required here.

© Vassilis Papaioannou
© Vassilis Papaioannou

The Patras Carnival is “present” with momentum and power

The most emblematic carnival of the country, not only does not remain silent due to a pandemic, but, after being well prepared and observing all health protocols, presents a versatile and very interesting program online, which focuses on the “creative aspects of the great celebration of Patras that have an artistic symbol and connect the carnival with the arts”, as stated by the chairman of the public benefit company that manages it, Ira Kouri.

Associations, artists and artistic groups from the area, as well as teachers were recruited for her production of new material that comes to our screen for free: Theater and dance performances, video seminars and documentaries, shadow theater, concerts and singing competitions, hidden treasure promotions and educational programs confirm that where there is an appetite, there is a way. View the program in detail and tune in here.

Carnival with the Citizen Project

The funky music collective should not be missing at the carnival celebrations, no matter how restrictive the measures. The Saturday March 13 (12 m.), The Citizen Project they take maracas, whistles, guitars and violins in their arms, along with their irresistible appetites, and broadcast live from the dome Stavros Niarchos Park. A rousing show of dance and music is coming to the screen, so put on your best carnival smile, grab some paper warfare and confetti, dress up in whatever crazies you find at home and tune in website of the SNFCC.

Instructions for constructions and toys from the Municipality of Athens

In the house invites carnival activities Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the Municipality of Athens, via instructions and PDF set placed the city libraries, provide ideas and inspiration. Imagine which superhero is hiding behind the mask, what work it does and why it is disguised, paint your story, or make masks with cardboard from cornflakes, plastic cups and other simple materials.

At the same time, the museum teachers of the Gallery, the Art Center, the Cultural Center “Melina” and the Museum of Folk Art and Tradition “Angeliki Hatzimichali”, for a range of online programs, including a digital puzzle featuring the work “Pierotos” by Mimi Vitsoris, an introductory lesson and building instructions for the Boulas and Giannitsaros masks, videos about the Harlequin from commedia dell’arte and a few more.

Ideas of an exhibition dedicated to masks

A series of older works by Giannis Moralis, made for the Carnival celebration at Marinos Kalligas’ home in Kifissia in 1952, an intricate serigraph printed on a disc by Spyros Vassilios depicting the play “The Carnival in Athens” and two drawings by Minos Argyrakis from 1972 are presented together with new work by contemporary artists, such as Thanasis Lalas and Tassos Mantzavinos, in the online exhibition Skoufa Gallery (“Carnival – Behind the Masks”) featuring the . transports carnival atmosphere, focusing on the mask as a disguise, surprise and liberating concealment. View the projects here until March 22 and get ideas for the buildings of the day.

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