Hammarby tops series after away win against Aranäs

Linus Bergh. Photo: Andreas L Eriksson/Bildbyrån.

Hammarby were previously big favorites in the match against Aranäs. But Kungsbacka’s team resisted well in the first half, but in the second half Hammarby was able to escape.

The first few minutes of the match can be described as a low-scoring story. Patrick Bols and Linus Bergh started the match with a few saves each and the match was tied. It took almost ten minutes before Robert Ladan was able to score Aranäs’ first goal. The match then turned around and the score was 3-3 after just over twelve minutes. Alexander Morsten was sent off for the second time after just 15 minutes.

The home side lined up with an attacking defensive play and scored a hit on Hammarby in behind. Viktor Ahlstrand was Hammarby’s only scorer for almost 20 minutes, before Kevin Johansson Eggan joined him on the scoresheet.

Patrick Bols and Linus Bergh kept pace and the match was still low on goals. Aranäs varied his defensive game, which proved difficult for Hammarby. Viktor Ahlstrand scored half of the team’s away goals.

Halftime score: 10-10

The second half also started in a balanced manner. Alexander Morsten was still safe from the penalty line and Hammarby was then able to make a small move. After Kevin Johansson Eggan scored his second goal, the score was 14 to 18. In other words, the away team had scored eight goals in ten minutes, compared to a paltry ten goals in the first 30 minutes.

In connection with the transfer from Hammarby, Aranäs experienced a seven-minute goal drought, before Agust Svensson was able to score his first goal. When Martin Dolk scored his second consecutive goal, Aranäs was forced to take a timeout, in an attempt to break Hammarby’s scoring trend.

With just under five minutes remaining the score was 21-26 and many were predicting that Hammarby would emerge victorious in tonight’s match. Linus Bergh made several important saves in the closing stages and when the visiting team then scored three consecutive goals, Hammarby’s victory was a fact. As a result, Hammarby IF move to the top of the championship, albeit with one more match played than second-placed IK Sävehof.

Final score: 22-29

HK Aranäs: Robert Laddan 6, Mikkel Junggaard Beck Jörgensen 4, Johan Ericsson 2, Joseph Helgesson 2, Agust Svensson 2, Viktor Rhodin 2, Oscar Lindqvist 1, Rasmus Nyman 1, Jonas Haugsgjerd 1, Morten Pedersen 1.

Hammarby IF: Viktor Ahlstrand 6, Edwin Aspenbäck 6, Alexander Morsten 6, Anders Wik Rydberg 2, Henrik Olsson 2, Martin Dolk 2, Kevin Johansson Eggan 2, Oliver Wigmark 1, Johan Nilsson 1, Ludvig Lindeberg 1.

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