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“I know from experience that the hares count after the hunt. Of course Czech hockey fans would like the team to come to the World Cup and win every game from the start. And they won the last one in the final. The reality is completely different, the teams are balanced. The details really matter, “said Jágr at the State Securities Printing House, where he was personally present at the last stage of the printing of a commemorative card under the form of a banknote issued on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Jágr has participated ten times in the world championships and has experienced a number of difficult situations during tournaments. “During my career, I was in teams where it was difficult to get out of the starting group and we won in the end. On the other hand, I was in teams where we only lost one game and finished third. And we played the best it’s “I think the team will unite and perform better than before. Nothing is decisive now. The most important thing is to be among the four in the group and to get into the playoffs,” said the player owner of the extra-league Kladno.

The most productive European in the history of the NHL realizes that Czech fans were delighted after winning the Czech and Swedish Games before the World Cup. But it’s the same every year. “The fans are always excited. But more or less they judge everything by the last game. When you win the last game, you’re the best, when you lose it, you’re the worst. But that’s not the case. We let’s not.” Thankfully, they got into the elimination fights and won. Anything is possible and it just depends on the players how they get on and go to other fights,” he pointed to last year’s championship and the poor entry of the overseas team. sea ​​in it.

The next match awaits the national team today, against Latvia. A possible failure would be a significant complication in the fight to qualify for the quarter-finals. Jágr is calm even when it comes to the experience of 2010, when Czechia came very close to historic non-playoff progression and finally won gold. “Every game is important. In 2010 in Germany, we had to win the last three games to get into the playoffs. We did that and you’re already on the winning streak. It goes with you. I think that was the Maybe if we hadn’t played the last three games for everything, we wouldn’t have won in 2010,” said Jágr.

NHL national team David Pastrňák of Boston has currently rounded out the national team at the World Championships, and Jágr believes he will be an important addition. However, an experienced attacker is also aware of possible adaptation problems. “He’s by far our best player today. Every one of those players will help. It doesn’t matter if he’s 100% healthy. From my own experience, I can say that it’s really not easy to play the World Cup Even if you play the NHL and you are one of the best players in the world The players focus on you no one will give you anything for free If someone thinks they just the NHL and that he dominates here, that’s not true. I’m glad I was at least a little valid for the team, ”he said.

Jágr is also watching the World Cup in Finland because of Kladno. He tries to find possible reinforcements for the Knights. “I rather looked at teams that nobody expects to be brought up. France and Austria. Because if there was a player who would fit into our team. If he was free. I must say that these teams pleasantly surprised me, they play disciplined, with a good defense and there are a lot of quality players, “he said. It came to a number of players that would like to hire. “I liked almost everyone. They’re really good players and the guys I like – strong with the puck, in personal fights. You don’t have to lose speed. It’s the hockey I love and want us to play. I’m looking for players primarily for strength hockey,” he said.

Son Kladno started “dry” preparations for the next extra-league season on Monday, Jágr would be training for a long time. “I started training right after the season, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to play 100%. There are only two options. Either I have, I feel good and I feel that I can help the team. Then I’ll “If I don’t, I will train,” added Jagr, reiterating that he was not determined to continue his playing career next season.

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