He was a resident of Stuttgart: he found Harrison Ford’s credit card!

Shocking moment for Harrison Ford: The star lost his credit card in Sicily. Thanks to an honest locator from Stuttgart, he has it back.

Stuttgart / Model – She starred in movie stars such as Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Save the world from the Nazis or a galaxy far away from the Empire. But now Hollywood star Harrison Ford (79) has gotten help himself: from Swabia!

A selfie as a thank you: Hollywood star Harrison Ford (79) with the honest find of Simon Milefski. © Screenshot: Instagram.com/Simon Milewski

Remember: The legendary actor is currently on the Italian island of Sicily to shoot the fifth part of “Indy”.

So far, so incredible. If the 79-year-old had not lost his black credit card there!

But salvation came in the form of Simon Milewski from Stuttgart. The young man is on holiday in Sicily – and he noticed the credit card that did not seem to belong to anyone.

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Where some could have lost weight, Swivos showed decency and brought the valuable find to the police in Modelo, a suburb of Palermo, as reported by dpa.

The police in turn found the Ford and so the good part found its rightful owner again.

But Ford also proved that Hollywood’s attitudes are foreign to him: he took a selfie with the honest locator without any other variation, something that Milefski on his Instagram page high loading. Here you can see: Both men with big smiles, Ford holds the black credit card in the camera.

“Harrison Ford now has his credit card back,” Milefski said. And alluding to the films of the “Star Wars” of the 79-year-old: “Now power returns with him …”

The shocking finding went through the press worldwide, including a report by Washington Post about the helpful German tourist.

But the story was also a topic on German television news. Buff wrote Milefski in his Instagram story: “I really did not think my selfie would reach ZDF today.”

By the way: it will take some time for the new “Indy” to appear in cinemas. The film will start on June 30, 2023.

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