Headaches, torture, executions. The Taliban are taking revenge on officials and soldiers

“Officials who worked for the previous government and their family members are being held arbitrarily,” Bachelet told the Human Rights Council, adding: “In some cases they were released, in others they were found dead.”

According to her, Taliban fighters are looking from house to house to find anyone who worked for the former government or the United States.

At the same time, footage from around the world shows warriors forcing young men in handcuffs to climb into the trunk of a car in Kabul. The video was shot in the Salang Wat area of ​​Kabul and the men are Hazar, an ethnic group persecuted by the Taliban.

It is not clear why the men were arrested, but the video appears shortly after the Taliban announced they had defeated insurgents in the Panjir Valley, where the Khazars were fighting the Taliban.

Bachelet also said that threats and attacks on the offices of some organizations are increasing. “Contrary to assurances that the Taliban will respect women’s rights, women have been gradually ousted from public office over the past three weeks,” she said. In some parts of Afghanistan, girls over the age of 12 were barred from attending school, and women’s wings were closed.

Taliban fighters

Photo: Bernat Armangue, KTK / AP

Over the weekend, footage emerged showing Taliban fighters beheading an Afghan soldier. Other footage shows gunmen beating and flogging people in the streets. Journalists have also complained about kidnappings and beatings, although the Taliban say they want a free press in the country.

Footage of the clashes between an Afghan soldier and his family came just days after reports that the Taliban had executed Ruhullah Azizi, the brother of former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Salih, and one of the Afghan insurgent leaders fighting the Taliban in the valley.

“They executed my uncle. They killed him and did not let us bury him. “They kept saying that his body had to rot,” Abdullah Salih told Reuters.

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