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Many countries of the world and only one way to celebrate the good times, in front of a beer.

Heineken is celebrating its 150th anniversary with an irreverent new campaign dedicated to friendliness and spelling, the creative ways the brand is pronounced in different parts of the world. The campaign launches in Italy on Mediaset, Sky and Discovery networks, national and social media, also celebrating the moment with the launch of limited edition bottles from the collector’s label ‘unspelling’ and a collaboration with a well-known brand that will be presented at halftime July. 15 variations of the iconic bottles to collect will arrive in Italy.

The new campaign draws inspiration from Alfred Henry Heineken’s words: “I don’t sell beer, I sell gezelligheid”, which in Dutch means that feeling of fun when you’re having a good time. Then airing from 2nd July to 26th August on the main national TV networks (Mediaset, Sky and Discovery), a 30″ TV advert takes viewers around the world and shows the carefree way people share their beautiful moments accompanied by the iconic green bottle, with all the many The misspellings of the brand around the world are in the spotlight. In fact, Heineken is one of the most recognized and recognizable brands in the world, but it is also most often misspelled or pronounced: from Ainechen – our most used country and above all mispronounced (without H) – to Verdinha (Brazil), from Jeineken (Mexico) to Biertje (Netherlands), to Heineking, Heini or simply ‘The Green One.” .

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