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Walks, bright colors, music, adrenaline, relaxation: i amusement parks in italy are the ideal solution not only for those who want to make a family trip, but also for those who want to become children again. In fact, there is no age to enjoy the sights of different types and species that are scattered along the Peninsula and located in locations that will be discovered.

Assuming that each park has its own charm and its advantages and that there is no one really “better” than the others, because each is exceptional in its uniqueness and for the reduction of fun, today we accompany you on a journey to discover the five should, those that simply can not be lost. Are you ready? Road!


Opened in 1974, Gardaland is one of the most popular amusement parks in Italy. In recent months it has welcomed Legoland Water Park, enriching an already excellent offer in terms of entertainment, emissions and emissions.

Gardaland is growing in five important thematic areas: Fantasy Kingdom, Medieval area, English village, Souk Arabo μι Rio Bravo. Walking in the streets and lanes is already a real magic in itself, with ever-changing scenarios and moments of entertainment that capture and surprise.

Its sights are transverse: you go from the classic train that runs through the whole park ai train wilder, going from augmented reality travel, 4d projections and so on and so forth. One suggestion: if you decide to go there, do not miss the SeaLife, an aquarium attached to the park that will really leave you speechless.

Cinecittà World

Just like Gardaland, Cinecittà World would not need any introduction, but here we are: located in Castel Romano and fully focused world of film and televisionIt is no coincidence that he was born from the collaboration between Diego Della Valle, Aurelio De Laurentiis and Luigi Abete, who imagined this place as the meeting point between the stage and the audience.

Cinecittà World calculates 40 attractions is divided into seven suggestive thematic areas: The kingdom of ice, Rome, Spaceland, Far West, Adventureland, AquaWorld and CinecittàWorld. The last area bears the name of the park and it is not accidental, because it is the heart that beats: you can visit exhibitions dedicated to the world of cinema, observe the exceptional dancing fountains and take the Cine-Tour, a route among all the blockbusters who wrote the history of cinema.


Imagination, touches of magic, water and speed. Mirabilandia has a specific profession: to amaze everyone who enters it. On the other hand is the largest amusement park in Italy, with an area of ​​approximately 850,000 square meters. His visit actually means a journey into the imagination, the satisfaction of the desires we all expressed when we were children.

The park is divided into two macro-areas: on one side the theme park and on the other Mirabilandia beachThe first houses all the “classic” attractions, while the second is a real water park that develops between artificial beaches, water slides and swimming pools of every depth.


Mirabilandia has seven themed areas: Route 66, Far West Valley, Ducati World, Dinoland, Adventureland μι BiboliThe Attractions have different intensities, ranging from mediocre, suitable for all ages, to the most extreme, suitable for teenagers and adults, in a crescent with trains, dives at impressive speeds and trips with real horror in books.


Etnaland is the most prestigious amusement park in southern Italy. As you can imagine from the name it is located in Sicily, near Mount Etna, and is fully among the most beautiful amusement and beach parks in Italy. Etnaland is divided into two large macro-regions (a bit like Mirabilandia): on one side is the ThemePark and on the other the Acquapark.

Themepark is divided into five different areas: Dream, Spin, Fly, Explore and ChallengeEach of these areas has some specific settings which also signal the increasing intensity of the sights, which from softer become more and more extreme.

Acquapark is instead perfect water park Here, too, the sights are for all tastes: you can enjoy the relaxation of the lagoon or take a high-speed dive with the Jungle Splash, as well as choose water slides of different heights.

Magic country

Rainbow Magicland

Finally, Magicland, its amusement park Rome ValmontoneLaunched in 2011, it had a somewhat troubling story and changed its image several times, but its heart remains alive and beating: surrounded by green, has many attractions for all tastes and is truly a daydream.

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