– We have been trying to resolve the situation for a long time, but have now found that the measures taken have had no effect. It has made the situation untenable and ensured that we no longer have an acceptable level. It poses both patient safety risks and a deteriorated working environment, says the hospital director Björn Järbur in a press release.

Björn Järbur, hospital director for NU healthcare in Västra Götaland. Photo: Västra Götaland region

In a press release, the hospital’s situation is described as ‘a second summer’. In the summer, healthcare places are usually closed because fewer people work there.

But within NU healthcare, about ten care departments were still unable to open all available care places after the summer because of a lack of staff.

The shortage of care places is exacerbated by the fact that many patients ready for discharge continue to wait for interventions from municipalities and primary care. Currently, the hospital has approximately 55 patients ready for discharge. This corresponds to approximately two and a half healthcare departments, NU Zorg writes in the press release.

In recent days there has also been increased pressure on the emergency department in Trollhättan.

– A staff position gives us the opportunity to change processes, working methods and behavior more quickly. Now the focus is on quickly improving and streamlining the patient flow to, in and out of the hospital, says Björn Järbur in the press release.

According to NUzorg, a series of measures have been taken. The example given is that contact with the municipality has been expanded and that certain planned care has been temporarily stopped.

NU care returned to normal on Friday. »After intensive work, the situation has now improved considerably. Hospital director Björn Järbur therefore decided to switch off staff mode on October 6 at 3:41 p.m. This means that NU care is back to normal,” NU care writes in a press release.