Historic victory for Amo in the premiere

Erik Östling, Amo HK. Photo: Magnus Lejhall / Bildbyrån

Finally, the Men’s Handball League is restarting! Tonight the season kicked off with a newcomers’ meeting and a south-east derby between HF Karlskrona and Amo HK. The premiere at the Brinova Arena meant a historic debut for Amo in the country’s premier league.

Amo started first by playing seven-on-six in a crowded arena, which wasn’t particularly surprising since the Småland team often uses it as their base game. At first it was Amo who took over and soon they went from 0-1 to 0-4.

Karlskrona had a few good chances, but Nikola Matovic prevented the home side from going any closer. Amo was sent off and was able to play with an extra player, without having to eliminate the goalkeeper.

The first half quickly became an even story, as Karlskrona goalkeeper Phil Döhler made a few important saves and managed to keep the home team in the game.

Halftime score: 12-14

Shortly after the second half, Döhler was injured and had to be replaced. Amos Nikola Matovic continued to deliver in the box and managed to keep Karlskrona at bay. The home team had to fight hard and long in their own half at times, as Amo was not in a hurry in his attacking play.

It was difficult for Karlskrona to close the gap and 19-22 soon became 19-24. The feeling was that Amo was on his way to a premiership victory. In the final five minutes, Amo played seven-on-six again and continued to control the game.

Newcomer Amo HK managed to keep his nerves under control and brought a historic victory to little Alstermo.

Final score: 27-31

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