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Is it possible to reread the history of Italy by following the evolution of Italian football? Mauro grimaldi it does in History of Italian football and the national team. Men, facts, anecdotes (1850-1994) the first two volumes of a trilogy devoted to the world’s most beloved sport.

Let’s talk about sport, football and Italy and also culture today, Wednesday October 13, To 6:00 p.m. to Room Tullio Levi Civita inside Palazzo Caetani has Latina Cistern. With Mauro Grimaldi there will also be the candidate for mayor Valentino mantin. Moderate the meeting Giovanni Del Giaccio, journalist from The messenger.

Caetani Palace in Cisterna di Latina

We are very happy and proud to welcome again Mauro Grimaldi, a true Cisternese, who with his book highlights the football events that are inevitably linked to the history of our country.”- said the candidate Mayor Mantini speaking of the planned evening. “Sport has always been a catalyst for positive universal values, a vector of inclusion, participation and social aggregation. A series of elements which are particularly close to our hearts and which form part of the electoral program. We have big plans for Cisterna, we would like it to become active again in football as in the past, by creating a multipurpose sports center next to a Stadium-Palazzetto. Our intention will also be to promote sports activities for disabled citizens, supporting associations registered with the Italian Paralympic Committee. A collaboration that will be decisive and necessary to promote a culture of sport that includes everyone, no one excluded”.

The first two volumes of History of Italian football and the national team. Men, facts, anecdotes (1850-1994) cover a long period of time that goes from 1850, when the true birth of the most watched sport in the world is closely linked to the events of the unification of Italy, until 1994. The Soccer is a reference in the collective imagination for its enormous capacity to penetrate the social world, the world of work and communication. It is not a sport like the others but a interest collector, which also strongly affects the economic sphere of our country.

The second volume begins again from the year following the terrible massacre of Superga, retracing all these moments that made the history of Italian football: the shameful defeat against North Korea at the English World Cup in 1966, the European title of 1968 until the magic nights. from Italy ’90. The magic of Schillaci and the disappointment of Maradona’s semi-final defeat against Argentina in Naples. Who does not remember the race on the field of the Marco Tardelli’s Bernabeu in the 1982 World Final? To conclude, finally, with the fourth world title close to USA ’94 in the final lost against Brazil, with the bad penalty from Baggio.

In these volumes, Mauro Grimaldi delves deeply into the history of football, not only using his professional knowledge but also tapping into organically organized archival documents for the first time.

The book

Twenty years of fascism are behind us, the Republic is born, but all the problems are not solved and the country has to be rebuilt. Football is also becoming a protagonist again: unlike the other Axis countries, Italy is re-accredited to the FIFA assembly and participates without much luck in the 1950 World Cup, the first without Vittorio Pozzo. The 1960s got off to a bad start, with the loss in Chile and the shameful 1966 World Cup loss to North Korea. With the exception of the national team, we are witnessing a significant growth in Italian football: Europe and the world dominate are Nereo Rocco’s Milan and Heleniio Herrera’s Inter, winners of European Cups and Intercontinental Cups. With the arrival of Ferruccio Valcareggi at the head of the national team, the Azzurri won the European title in 1968. The 1980s began with the conquest of the third world title in Spain in 1982. It was the world championship. Enzo Bearzot, Paolo Rossi, Marco Tardelli, and other great champions.

The author

Mauro Grimaldi is one of the best sports managers in Italian football, besides being a journalist and writer. He has held various positions in the world of sport including that of General Secretary of the Amateur League and Deputy Vice-President of the Italian Professional Football League. He is currently Managing Director of Federcalcio Services. As an author, he has published several books on the history of football. He won the Bancarella Sport Selection Award in 2000 and 2014, a special mention again at Bancarella Sport in 2013, the Gabriele Sandri Award for sports literature in 2015 and the Racalmare Leonardo Sciascia Award for the youth edition in 2019.

The publishing house

The publishing house Lab DFG he immediately set himself a clear and ambitious goal, focused on quality: to offer the Italian book scene a new and captivating point of view, useful for the human and professional development of readers. We will deal with topics from the world of sport with the “Ad Maiora Semper!” and we will tell the future with the series “Manuzio’s Book”. In the “ExtraLab” series, on the other hand, will converge all those collections which are external to us but which still deserve their own space.

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