HK Aranäs started with a victory

Anna Heid. Photo: HK Aranas.

HK Aranäs controlled AIK in the first ATG Swedish Cup match. The new SHE team beat the Stockholmers 25-20.

Last year they were competitors in the Allsvenskan, but the season ended in a completely different way. HK Aranäs finished top of the table and qualified for the Women’s Handball League, while AIK finished second to last and therefore find themselves in the first division that applies this year.

Thus, there were two teams with completely different entries for today’s game in the ATG Swedish Cup. HK Aranäs were to find themselves favorites, even if it was AIK who had their ground.

AIK scored in four of the six shootouts and they managed to hold onto that advantage until the eleventh minute of the match. Tilda Palm then made it 7-7 and for the first time in the game Aranäs equalized.

Aranäs then switched gears and showed that they were several classes better than AIK. At halftime, the scoreboard showed 12-16.

Aranäs continued to dominate after halftime. Soon the lead was down to seven balls and the decision offered no direct excitement. AIK got a little closer when Josefin Lundberg scored 20-25 with just over six minutes left in the game.

After that, however, there were six scoreless minutes and the match ended with Aranässeger (25-20).

AIK scorers: Linnéa Lindh 6, Olivia Mansnérus 4, Josefin Lundberg 2, Ellen Wettebrandt 2, Anna Sköldunger 2, Matilda Rapp 1, Iris Sköldunger 1, Tuva Junebo 1, Amanda Back 1

Aranas scorers: Lovis Hansson 4, Alva Persson 3, Elin Åkesson 3, Alicia Nilsson 3, Elin Ernelind 3, Nicolina Fredriksson 2, Anna Heed 2, Ellen Davis 2, Tilda Palm 1, Nova Hallén 1, Tova Österwall 1

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