Horizon Forbidden West, an avalanche of innovations in gameplay and scenery: the evolution of Guerilla

His open world Horizon Forbidden West will be “a great playground”, or as described by Bo de Vries, David McMullen and others from Rebel Games. Several developers of the Dutch studio, in fact, revealed a mountain with details about the game in the latest in-depth published in PlayStation Blog, with special references to the evolution of the game and the variety of scenarios.

“Using Horizon Zero Dawn “As a starting point, we’ve added new ways to get around the game world,” said David McMullen, chief systems designer at Guitzer. Aloy can climb freely on large areas of rocky soil. it is possible to drive a larger number of Machines. the hooks that can be hooked by cracking increase the verticality of the scenarios. the possibility of swimming opens up a new dimension of exploration. gliding with alascudo you can admire the world Horizon Forbidden West in all its beauty … or to jump from dizzying heights […] With the design of these new exploration systems, the goal has always been to increase the dynamic interaction with the game world. This translates into the ability to manipulate or destroy environments with a tool such as a hook or shield immediately after being launched from a grip to launch an attack from above. “It is exciting to see classical and new engineering interact to ensure varied and dynamic approaches to each scenario.”

In the interview, several representatives of Guyers Games talked about the innovations made in the gameplay, and especially about the interest of the software to create a dynamic and diverse game world, where the creativity of gamers is rewarded: “We want players to surprise using new moves. or tools to overcome our challenges in a smart and unpredictable way, “McMullen continues,” often these environmental puzzles have many possible solutions: we encourage players to experiment and have fun with new tools. We offer a wide range of challenges regardless of the style of play, skill level or previous experience in Horizon Zero Dawn “.

But the news does not end there, because the team revealed that they have also made great strides in managing Aloy equipment, starting with the hook: “The hook is a device that must be worn on the wrist and with two different functions … The first is a clean and simple anchoring engineer, useful for dynamic movement in the game scenario, horizontally and vertically, and if necessary to escape the dangers. During a treasure hunt, the player can jump to catch a larger ledge. High, shoot an arrow, slide, attack from above or shoot the fight at another point on the hook. The second function allows you to use the cracker as a kind of winch to manipulate, move and destroy the script elements. For example, we can pull a hidden exit from a ledge, or we can hook a grate and detach it to create a new passage. “We hope that players enjoy this level of freedom, as well as new options in terms of play, battle and exploration.”

Dennis Zopfi, Chief Gubat’s Combat Designer, continued about the combat and weapons management system: new engineering. We wanted to offer more tools, more depth, more interaction. Horizon Forbidden West is the workbench, useful for upgrading and enhancing weapons and clothing. This allows you to unlock specialties, mod slots and skills, but also to adapt, focus on specific resistances and gain new skills! “.

In Horizon Forbidden West Aloy must be ready to clash with humans, machines and squadrons where there are both threats. Ride-Machines represent one of the main dangers, but fortunately the protagonist will be able to count on an unprecedented mobility and arsenal, so it will be up to the player to understand when to act quietly, when to avoid a collision and when to choose a direct attack. .

Horizon Forbidden West will premiere on February 22, 2022 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The upgrade will be free.

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