How to play Wordle in Italian? Here is a valid alternative!

We have already told you about Wordle, the online word game that drives crazy on social networks, especially on Twitter. In case you missed the article we invite you to take it back to understand what we are talking about and how to participate in this collective game. This is where we will focus I speak, what it really is Wordle in Italian!

Wordle in Italian: how does Par Le work?

Let’s make a review first. Wordle is an online word game developed by Josh Wardle, a British developer who originally designed it for the family before realizing its potential and making it available worldwide.

The operation of the game is quite simple. Every day is chosen a five-letter word from a list of 2,315 terms from the English vocabulary. Players are allowed six attempts and at the end of each one is given an indication of how close they have come to the solution.

A letter from green color indicates that it is in the correct position, while one that is colored with yellow confirms that the character is present in the word but in the wrong position. Finally, the Gray excludes all letters that are not part of the entry.

Now, as we said, the original game works with the English dictionary, so you should have even a slight knowledge of Shakespeare’s language. What if we wanted to play Wordle in Italian? Fortunately, there is an alternative.

It is said I speak μι to play, just open this address. The the rules are the same as in the original game: six attempts to guess a word from the dictionary, this time, Italian. Definitely easier for those who do not know the foreign language.

The developers want to point out that this is an unofficial version of Wordle, but other than that The online game is almost identical. The letters will turn green, yellow or gray depending on how close you get to the answer. Every day, of course, there will be a new word to guess.

Have fun and let us know your results!

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