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It might not have been an easy day for Android users today, March 23. They were indeed hundreds of reports on sites like DownDetector, but also on Reddit and Twitter, which complained a sudden shutdown of some Android applications. A crash that also affected Gmail, Google Pay and other applications related to banking services and it is no coincidence that Mountain View immediately got to work to resolve the issue. At the heart of the app malfunction is Android system webview, a component of the operating system that supports rendering of web pages through Android apps, to provide the user with similar browsing as they would with Chrome.

Solutions in the field

Some users have tried to get around the annoying problem, also taking advantage of tips shared online for example from the same Samsung profile on Twitter. Between these uninstall Android System WebView updates, within the Settings general in section Application. If the application in question is not immediately visible, you should search for it after selecting the three dots vertically and choosing to show system services. Later for also happened a response from google that on a blog he said he had fixed the problem related to the crash of Gmail thanks to an update made available to users in the Play Store. In particular, it is necessary to update both the Android System WebView application and the Chrome browser application.

March 23, 2021 (modified March 23, 2021 | 11:27)


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