Hubertus von Fürstenberg, Prince Mariachi, at 62 still in the race (for Mexico) –

He also managed to qualify this time around, so journalists must once again grant him the classic article that invariably reserves him for the World Cup (it is for him the nineteenth presence) or at the Games (here it is at an altitude of six). They owe it to them because after the giant of Cortina 2021 Hubertus Rudolph von Fürstenberg-von Hohenlohe-Langenburg he will be able to say that he has entered the race again, still in the colors of Mexico, whose ski federation he has created, when he has just turned 62 (his birthday fell on February 2). In fact, then he fell in the giant of the best after about thirty seconds. But his business remains.

Noble parent of Gianni Agnelli and Tomba

In fact, more than a ski challenge (the bib was 99 out of 100), it’s a battle against aging. So far won. Hubertus – now in the world everyone calls him only by name, in order to avoid the slalom between the different surnames – is the son of the Spanish nobleman Alfonso de Hohenlohe-Langenburg and the Italian princess Ira von Fürstenberg, well-known actress of the 60s. Not only that: it is great-grandson of Gianni Agnelli and his related to Alberto Tomba being related to Simona Gandolfi, Albertone’s cousin. In his biography, he defines, in order, Alpine skier, sports executive, singer, photographer, actor and Mexican prince. A joker renamed it Mariachi principle, since he dedicated his great sporting passion to his native country. Even though he was born in Mexico, Hubertus lived in Spain and Austria, while he now lives in Liechtenstein. Other distinctive elements, besides the obvious passion for Juventus (there are a lot of photos of him with the black and white jersey)? Has been personal friend of Andy Warhol and until 1984 he competed under the name Hubertus von Fürstenberg and as an artist he also used the pseudonyms of Andy Himalaya, Hubertus Hohenlohe and You Know Who.

The Mexican Federation

His love for skiing began in Austria in the 1970s when tifava by Gustavo Thoeni. Indeed, our great former champion (who has just turned 70, HERE the interview with Corriere) he keeps the combination used on January 18, 1975 on the Streif of Kitzbuehel when for a handful of thousandths he finished second behind Franz Klammer downhill . After trying in vain to be enlisted by Austria (but the Red and White Eagles obviously had much better …), Prince Mariachi saw fit to create what he couldn’t have: a more or less professional skier role. So, what could be better than founding a federation in the nation in which it was born? Nothing. Then, in 1982, he proceeded.

Best worldwide result: 38th in 2005

That said under the Mexican colors he also signed the former American Sarah Schleper (42 years old; in the female giant of Cortin, Thursday February 18, she arrived after the music, but at least she claims 1 victory and 3 minor podiums at the World Cup and a silver medal at the World Junior Championships), Hubertus started his wandering skiing at the 1980 World Cup in Schladming. From there, he never gave up. Or rather, there were a few “holes” because at the Games, after making his debut in Sarajevo 1984, he missed Nagano, Salt Lake City, Turin and Pyeongchang. But he had appeared in Sochi 2014 and seems to be thinking of Beijing 2022. Obviously, he never won anything, apart from two Mexican titles, one in super-G and one in giant: it would have been nice to see who broke his back … Anyway, the best result at a World Cup was the thirty-eighth place in giant (his historical discipline; historical in every sense …) in Bormio 2005. The worst, however, dates back to two years ago in the Aar: despite having left 8 opponents behind, a ruthless 113 appeared on the scoreboard.


Hubertus in Cortina will try to get a decent result also relying on the maxim he has invented and disseminated in recent months: “Think positive, stay negative, or never turn positive again.” Prince Mariachi, you are all of us. And in your own way, you are a champion.

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