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Around 3 a.m., in Strasbourg, a fire destroyed one of the largest datacenters in Europe, that of the French company Ovh. The server company said the flames hit three of the four buildings it owned, but luckily there were no casualties. We have activated the Business Recovery Plan, wrote on Twitter the founder Octave Klaba. About four hours after the first alarm, the fire was extinguished. Klaba stressed that three buildings will not be able to resume their activities during the day. According to the latest CEO updates, within the next two weeks the main parts of the three buildings will be rebuilt and the connections checked to resume work.

The Founder On The Ground: A Plan For The Reboot

All the servers are in the SBG3 building are ok. dull, but not damaged. We will create a plan to restart them and connect to the networks, Klaba wrote on Twitter, to reassure customers of his business. An hour earlier, he had explained that he had arrived there and that want to check the servers in buildings affected by the flames to create a restart plan. Many Twitter users commented on Klaba’s posts asking to intervene soon on the restoration of services because they noticed problems in their servers.

Hundreds of firefighters called to the scene

The fire was massive, as shown in the video posted by @Bad Packets on Twitter in fact, around 100 local firefighters were called in to stop it. In the zone tall columns of smoke were visible, but no air pollution issues were detected. The datacenter is one of the largest in Europe and several Italian portals trust OVH for their sites. In the morning, in fact, hundreds of estates were down or with serious slowdowns caused by the power cut decided by the company after the fire. On social networks, including Twitter, several users who trust OVH have written that they have problems with their domains. At the moment, the extent of the damage suffered, in relation to the data lost by the company, is not yet clear.

The company is present in 17 countries (including Italy)

The company born in 1999 from an idea of ​​Octave Klaba, then a third year student at ICAM Lille. Its headquarters are in Roubaix in the north of France, but its data centers are spread throughout Europe. The name Ovh is an acronym for We Host You (We Host You). The company, whose CEO of Klaba and Michel Paulin, has 17 data centers for a total of 250,000 servers. It offers its services in 17 countries including Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, United States. In 2019, twenty years after its creation, OVH had more than 1.5 million customers worldwide.

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