Hype about “Squid Game”: soon the most successful series in the world?

Regardless of the country you see, there is currently a title at the top of the Netflix charts: “Squid game”Launched on September 17, the South Korean series is already one of the flow giant’s most successful productions. Even Ted Sarandos was surprised. “We did not see this global popularity coming,” the Netflix boss said in an interview with Variety. Squid-Game is expected to surpass even the “Bridgerton” series, which was recently named the streaming service’s most popular in-house production.

Violent and fun

Writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk is less surprised by the success of his series. “As a survival game, it’s fun and human drama. The games on display are extremely simple and easy to understand. This allows viewers to concentrate on the characters,” said the mastermind behind the successful production. At the heart of “Squid Game” is a brutal game show. 456 over-indebted people compete with each other for a profit of one million dollars. They compete with each other in six rounds. Whoever loses dies. And every death increases the jackpot. Quite a macabre spectacle. And a mix of movie splatter and social critique.

A blow to social media

In any case, the series goes viral on social media. Especially on TikTok. There, for example, the cookie recipes that appear in the series make the rounds. a childish rhyme from the series has become a trend and the numbers of the actors’ fans are exploding. #Squidgame is currently one of the most used hashtags on the Chinese network.

The sequel is open

Despite the success: Whether there will be a second season of “Squid Game” is currently open. So far, Netflix has not ordered any new episodes. And director Hwang Dong-hyuk was also skeptical of The Korean Times, at least in terms of his involvement in a sequel. The shooting of the first season completely exhausted him mentally and physically.

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