Hype that crosses borders: Messi’s absurd new world

A media hype that crosses borders
Messi’s absurd new world

By Tobias Nordmann

Lionel Messi has finally arrived at Paris Saint-Germain. Where “finally” is actually not the right word, because just last week a world (of Barça) fell apart for the superstar. But the 34-year-old is now completely professional in PSG mode.

“L’Equipe” certainly did not think so when they wrote “La puce est à Paris”. It looks like a shoddy pathogen, not like the arrival of a world football superhero. But of course you can write it that way. After all, “Flea” or “La Pulga” is Lionel Messi’s nickname. Of course, he doesn’t do her justice. Because this “chip” changed world football at FC Barcelona, ​​it once enchanted the football world with FC Barcelona. With his wonderful and unstoppable dribbling. With his crazy rhythm. With his phenomenal ball control. With his creative ingenuity. With tiki-taka. Alongside legends like Xavi, Andres Iniesta or, for short, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Wherever Messi is, there is always admiration. There is enthusiasm. Sometimes hype. As now in the French capital. In recent days, smaller and larger groups had gathered again and again, the pandemic was briefly (or long, or completely) forgotten in this borderline euphoria, and the arrival of Messi (as) was in order. Staged by the Bengal lights. In town, at the club, at the airport. The Team spoke of the “longest hours in Paris”. Well, on Wednesday, the day he officially introduced himself as the new premium employee of the now absurd $ 1 billion ensemble, thousands of his PSG followers gathered outside the fan shop.

His jersey with the number 30 (!), The number 10 of his friend Neymar had rejected Messi, is the new sanctuary in the temple of the insignia of the reigning dolphin (!). Yes, this squad actually missed out on the title last season. Incredible in fact. The Lille OSC had created a small Gallic miracle and freed itself from the seat of the championship of high-level troops. I just hope for an accident at work (Editor’s note: The view of things from Paris St Germain).

Messi choirs in the press room

Well the hype is big, it’s huge, it’s actually limitless. Outside the great circle of luxury, but also right in the middle of it. During the official presentation in a Parisian media room, loud chants of Messi were suddenly sung. It is still unclear who the man in the suit was in the TV camera area. However, one or two media representatives gave in to the temptation. This does not happen often either. Critical distance, then probably not.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Qatari businessman and president of PSG, had previously spoken words full of pride and enthusiasm (for himself in the interest of his club). “Leo makes football magical and he’s a winner.” This Wednesday is therefore “a wonderful and historic day” (a) for the club and (b) the world of football. A (a): full agreement. A (b): Virtually no approval outside of Paris. The luxury build around Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, Sergio Ramos and Gianluigi Donnarumma is viewed critically. The Qatari does not care, Messi too. It’s in the title. In the Champions League. And with this team, PSG have the best opportunities, even if the brute force of the big egos is always a danger. Al-Khelaifi is relaxed: “Messi has publicly stated that he wants a strong team. He has them. We cannot do more.”

Another danger, at least on paper, is financial fair play. Due to crazy increases in player salaries and transfer fees, some clubs were no longer able to cover their expenses with regular income. Instead, it had to be financed through loans or through the use of private assets. To counter this, UEFA introduced this rule. In view of the mass of superstars in the workforce – even if Messi, Ramos and Georginio Wijnaldum all came without a transfer – the question quickly arises in Paris: does the mega-investment really comply with the rules of the European federation of soccer ? Of course, said the president. “We immediately checked our numbers and saw that we could afford Messi. Messi brings a lot to the club: merchandising, advertising, social media. You would be shocked if I showed you the latest numbers. We always pay attention to financial fair play. . ” So, all is well!

“My family is feeling very good”

How is Messi? Last week, he suffered a lot from the “shock” of the broken agreement with FC Barcelona. Her tears had traveled the world. Fortunately all is well now, Messi is emotionally stable again but still needs some time to come to terms with Barca’s 21 years of success. “It all happened so fast. I can’t forget the experiences I had in Barcelona.” It was a “high and a low”. But he is now going through this process with his family. And has already made good progress on the adaptation path. Just a professional. “When I arrived here I felt happy,” he said when presented at the Prinzenpark: “I really enjoy my stay in Paris, my family is very comfortable. a new start in my life. “

The six-time world footballer praised the quick and good conversations. “First of all, I want to thank the president. The negotiations went quickly and it was very easy for me,” Messi said, probably because the sums discussed were also correct. The contract is also supposed to guarantee him the right to be treated by the doctors of the Argentina national team and to travel to Barcelona whenever he wants: “The people here have solved the problems. I’m repeating myself, but I’m happy to be here. I’m impatient because I want to play. “Messi celebrated his last big club triumph six years ago when he won the Champions League with his pal Neymar. The big goal in Paris is now clear for” La Pulga “:” It’s my dream to win the Champions League again. And I think I’m in an ideal position now for that. “Playing against FC Barcelona in a different shirt than Barça’s at Camp Nou will certainly be weird, he already suspected. But hey, it’s fair. part of a fresh start.

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