I feel like this isn’t the end of my volleyball lessons

Cave Budowlani Łódź started the season with a 3-0 victory over Joker Świecie. The volleyball players of Jakub Głuszak scored all points in the third set despite problems. The center of the block, Weronika Centka, was clearly visible, especially in the net.

Cave Budowlani Łódź started the previous league season with a defeat against Joker Świecie. – First of all, I’m happy with the girls and the fact that we stayed together in this third set. Frankly, it looked quite “thin”, especially in the beginning, when the world left us. I am very happy that we were right and the game ended 3-0, not 3-1, 3-2 or the other way around. – The center admitted frankly immediately after the meeting.

Watching the popular “Centa” match in Sunday’s match, in addition to the excellent teamwork with Martynas Azowska, excellent work on the net was noticeable – This break has brought me a lot and I have learned a lot again. I hope it gets better every year. I feel like this isn’t the end of my volleyball lessons. I am still at the beginning of my volleyball career. I have to admit that I would like to aim for the title of the best mid laner in the Polish league, and maybe even somewhere to compete with foreign mid laners. This may not have been given to me yet, because of my young age and such advanced age of older players, such as Milena Rasić. I would like to learn from those girls who have a lot of experience with the national team and the league. This is my personal volleyball goal – she emphasized. – This is my next goal, as well as staying with the national team. The next year for me in this performance did not work out, but maybe the next year will be much better. With a new coach. We’ll see who comes, but unfortunately I don’t have any leaks here (laughs), sorry. We will see how it will be and I hope this team will be a very formidable team for others Centka added.

On Monday, October 4, the team from Łódź is waiting for a trip to Wrocław. # VolleyWrocław lost 1:3 in Legionowo in his first match. – I saw only a fragment of the start of the match, and then the training brought me here to the hall. Both the team from Wrocław and the team from Legionowo have their advantages. Although I was very positively surprised by the girls’ play after the last sparring with the team from Legionowo. Wrocław is another team with which we cannot make such stupid mistakes as here in the third set. You have to tighten the serve so that they play high ball all the time because it makes the game much easier for us. Especially me, because I can easily read my opponents’ games and it’s just easier for me. I hope this match will look the same or even better than the one with Świecie emphasized Centka.

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