I still have Messi’s jersey, El Clásico will win Real, thinks Petrzel

Sunday’s battle between the giants between Barcelona and Real Madrid is slowly approaching. But how is current Slovácko player Milan Petržela, who once again played against both sides in the Champions League in the Pilsen Victoria shirt?

Milan, you are one of the few Czech footballers to have had the honor of facing Barcelona and Real Madrid. Do you often remember these experiences?
“I remember it often and with pleasure. It’s not something that happens every week. I’m glad I got to experience something like this.”

You played the first duel directly at the famous Camp Nou. What was it like for the relatively inexperienced Pilsen team to perform in front of a stormy auditorium in one of the world’s most famous stadiums?
“We had such an amazing group in Pilsen that we didn’t even admit it. When we got there we sniffed with our mouths open. We went with the idea that we had nothing to lose. managed to play relatively well. result. “

Around this time, an incident took place in the media regarding the exchange of shirts with Lionel Messi. How was it then? Do you always have the jersey with you?
“I have the shirt with me. The journalists then wrote that Vašek Pilař should change the shirt. But he had no problem with me changing it. We just went to the locker room in the middle. time and I asked him if he had my jersey changed, he reacted perfectly and he exchanged the jersey with me.

In retaliation, you had a huge opportunity to score without a goal. How many times has this situation crossed your mind?
“I have this situation on my plate quite often. If I forget it in any way, one of the people will always remind me of it. Even the boys from Slovácko told me they were in the stadium. at that point. Someone still reminds me of the escape. “

Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick in this game. How did you perceive it? And how much do you think Barcelona are missing?
“I saw him in a previous game. He’s a football player. He doesn’t need an extra run. Even the warm-up on his part was lukewarm. He just has that approach. But you know them on the pitch. ”My opponents have a lot of work to do with that. I think Barcelona are missing a lot. It was his symbol and it will be very difficult to replace it. “

A few years later, you also faced Real. At home defeat 0: 5, but on the outside you have reached the point. Do you remember that double match?
“I remember those games. We played a pretty good game with them. We weren’t very far from the goal. But the home game opened our eyes and we had a storm. But I like myself. remember the times we got there, we had pre-game training, and how everything was beautiful, clean and new. The players were nice to us too. They greeted us and wished us good luck . Although they are big stars, they were really decent. “

Which opponent’s game was a greater experience and a greater memory for you?
“Both games are very high for me. But I remember Real Madrid a bit more. We treated each other very well and I really looked at their record with an open mouth. It’s amazing what the club will do for them. . They also won my heart of fan. And especially because of their approach towards us. I follow them a lot since. “

How do you see the result of Sunday’s game?
“El Clásico are generally balanced, but now Real are a little better. Barcelona are still looking for the perfect formation and they have their problems. I think Real could use it and beat them.”

You and Slovácko have started a respectable fall. Was the pike born in Moravia, like Pilsen ten years ago? Is Slovácko also expecting fights with these giants?
“It would be big words if I said yes. We’re a small club and we’re going on a cool wave right now. We’re doing well, we’re scoring points and it’s starting to appeal to the fans who say we’re playing good football. It’s to us. Important. But I certainly don’t mean we’re a pike in the league. But if it worked, that would be good. “


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