In Cassano Magnago a “small house with a good sense of humor” to get to know the neighborhood

ONE “Cassette del Buonumore”, To share ideas and experiences among the residents of a Cassano Magnago neighborhood.
A wooden artifact measuring 38 x 50 cm, decorated with recycled material and equipped with windows, in which will introduce some cards with some nice questions to each onechildren, adults and children, however, will be able to respond with pleasure encourage the exchange of personal experiences and feelings: the answers, which can be left to Casetta in a completely anonymous form, will then be posted on social media, to get to know and tell each other, smiling together.

It comes from an idea by Cassandra Guzon, owner of an e-commerce portal dedicated to the world of children. The Cassanian businessman decided to increase citizen participation in its business, initially Contact person for the neighborhood control team in the area, was recently activated, to which he also added this further and original initiative, building the house with his own hands.

The small house was inaugurated in via Monti (south of Cassano) and inaugurated on Friday, October 1 via Monti 24, on the occasion of World Smile Day.
“I built the house,” says Kassandra Guzon – in order to promote social cohesion in the neighborhood through fun and a smile, which in these two complicated years has faded, hoping to concern all Kasanessia and citizens of neighboring cities. The house consists of many windows in which Cards will be inserted, each with a question to the only person, to give him the opportunity to get to know himself better through the smile that comes from I remember the good times they lived, their aspirations, also involving the neighbor in this process, sharing parts of one’s life and thoughts with the community “.

“I would like to cultivate this experience by sharing the answers on social media through a specially dedicated event page entitled” Do you have a second to smile? “, Using the hashtag #everbabysmile to make the project more detectable on the web. I thought and created this Ageless Game why I love the smile on their faces people and I am filled with joy when I am the one who can cause this mood. I invite you all to come and visit the little house- end up – and participate in the challenge of the daily smile helping me to spread this practice among your family, friends and neighbors, because if a neighborhood smiles, it helps to make our daily life more lively and happy, setting aside even for a few minutes the worries that life forces us to to face “.

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The municipal councilor Andrea Pisani he added: “My heartfelt thanks to Cassandra because he created this house with good humor joins Nicky’s Little House, the small free library, which has promoted cooperation between residents and the culture and reading circle in our city. This parallel between the houses, which are located almost opposite the municipal boundaries, will actively stimulate the cooperation between the citizens by involving them in a game that is both simple and beautiful. Initiatives like these further testify to how active and vibrant our urban and business web is, able to combine the right profit with commendable initiatives to pay attention to others “.

Cassandra intends to “export” the idea, working for the installation of other “Casette del Sorriso” beyond the province of Varese and throughout Italy.

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