In the new sample, Far Cry 6 features excerpts from reviews

Another part of the Far Cry open world shooting series arrived at us on Thursday, when it actually offers an old well-known role model, but it is also a pleasant hobby, which perhaps surprisingly also offers an interesting story and an extremely key protagonist.

This is why the game in the world collects positive scores when their average on the server Metacritical ranges from 75 to 80 points per 100 depending on the platform (user ratings are currently averaging 4.5-5.6 points out of 10).

And as usual, the company released another examplewhich offers more game downloads when Excerpts from various reviews appear in the settingsThe

In the following twitter post, you can see the number of the game given by various magazines, such as Game Informer or God Is A Geek.

And so as not to be pointless, I will offer you a verdict from our review, where the title got a very nice 8 points out of 10:

“Although the game starts relatively traditionally, it gradually acquires depth and can surprise with an emphasis on the evolution of the story and the characters. Some missions are clearly memorable. Although it is more or less the same “Far Cry template”, the game is significantly larger and more advanced than the previous parts. If you are looking for a narrative action with great freedom and a large arsenal, this is the game for you “.

Far Cry 6 can be purchased at the store Xzone in different versions.

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