Peter Arrhenius has been CEO of Inera since 2020. In a press release Inera’s board chair Eva Fernvall praised his efforts, while at the same time justifying the change by saying that the board wants a CEO who can take over in the phase where the digitization companies of municipalities and regions are now. An even clearer focus on services and support for Swedish municipalities and a new agenda for regional cooperation is needed, she announces.

When asked by Dagens Samhälle why Peter Arrhenius has to stop for a day, the chairman of the board replies that it is important to be able to get started quickly with the new, more strategic issues.

– We have analyzed the situation and it is important to start the new work as soon as possible, so we had to do it immediately. It’s not like he did anything wrong. A different type of competence is now needed, she tells the newspaper.

Acting CEO Patrik Sundström has experience leading SKR’s work to advance the digitization of social security. He is also a member of the government’s Digitization Council and is part of the preparatory group for Vision eHealth.

»At the same time, I feel humbled by the assignment, but I feel like I’ve been given the opportunity to take the best job in the world! I am going full steam ahead and look forward to continuing to contribute to the digital development of well-being together with the management team, managers and employees,” writes Patrik Sundström on his Linkedin page.

Work to recruit a new permanent CEO will begin immediately, Inera writes.