Innovation Night 2021 is behind us

More than 400 people took part in the Innovation Night (9/10) in Białystok. This year’s event was hosted by the Regional Innovation Hub as part of the Digital Festival. The motto of this year’s Innovation Night was: Don’t be excluded.

Innovation Night [fot. zdjęcie organizatora]

– A joint event in Białystok as part of the Innovation Night was the result of the collaboration between the Białystok Science and Technology Park (Epi-Science Center), the Faculty of Physics at the University of Białystok, the Biaystok University of Technology, the INFOTECH Technology Cluster (INFOTECH schools) and the Young Science Foundation – says Kinga Kurowska- Wilczyńska, initiator of the project, president of the Foundation. The event participants had the opportunity to get closer to the world of science and innovation by participating in lectures and exhibitions prepared for them.

The Faculty of Physics at the University of Bialystok has opened laboratories that are closed daily and only staff and students can access them. – I am happy that we have been able to show residents, especially families and enthusiasts, what we do every day, present the experiences and technologies we work on, that in the future will change the devices we use, and maybe ours tomorrow or change – said Dr. Krzysztof Gawryluk, the Dean’s Plenipotentiary for Promotion. The pre-premiere visit to the new observatory of the Faculty of Physics was also an unusual attraction at the University of Bialystok Campus.

The Epi-Science Center opened its doors at an unusual time. – The exhibition is mostly visited by the inhabitants of Białystok, as well as school trips from all over Podlasie. The tickets for the Innovation Night were sold out in less than 24 hours – says Michał Podbielski, head of the promotion department at the Białystok Science and Technology Park.

INFOTECH students took the participants on a virtual journey. – The Night of Innovation and VR is our natural environment to which we have been happy to transfer the participants of the meeting – said Adam Kamiński, president of the schools, director of the INFOTECH Technology Cluster. The Young Science Foundation promoted the use of free MOOC courses on the educational platform

One of the main attractions was the performance on the stage of the Epi-Science Center by a young scientist from Białystok and science popularizer – Petros Psyllos. In his presentation, he compared Stanisław Lem’s vision with the current state of technology development, and together with the meeting participants, he wondered what professions will be in 30-40 years in the light of the rapid development of artificial intelligence . What will humans do then, will robots also replace artists? He also tried to answer the question of what competencies we should develop for ourselves and our children, so that they can be found in the future.

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