Interview with Filip Rydström “I am a center usable in all situations who plays for the team and does everything to win”

The player supporter of Väsby Hockey thus became Filip Rydstrom. The whale tuna guy who spent his last eight seasons on the other side of the Atlantic. He played in arguably the best junior leagues in the world and played four seasons in Canadian college hockey. How has this developed him and how does Filip feel about coming to play in Sweden and for Vilda Väsby? You can read about this and other things in the interview below.

Hello Filip and welcome to Väsby Hockey! What made you choose Väsby in particular?

-Hello! I wanted to play somewhere in Norrort and after discussions with Tom, Väsby seemed like the best option.

You broke into beauty in Vallentuna at a young age, but have already left Sweden at the age of eighteen and spent eight years in the United States and Canada. What prompted you to take the plunge across the Atlantic?

-I was drafted in Charlottetown in the QMJHL and I wanted to take a new step in my hockey career. Playing in one of the best junior leagues in the world in perhaps the mecca of the hockey world seemed like a given.

There, you played in the Canadian and American junior leagues, which have a very high level, as well as in university hockey in Canada for four seasons. How has it developed you as a hockey player and as a person?

– In the first years, I had a completely different role than I was used to. I developed my save role a lot and became a better all-court hockey player. Living in another country has been very difficult at times, but I learned a lot about myself and I wouldn’t change a thing.

If not, how would you like to describe yourself as a hockey player and who is Filip outside of hockey?

– I am a center who can be used in all situations, who plays for the team and does everything to win. Off the pitch, I’m a caring person who takes care of people around me and puts people in a good mood.

What is your goal now with your hockey game when you return to Sweden?

– My goal is to improve by 1% every day and continue to develop as a hockey player but also as a person. I have the ambition to climb the league system and hopefully with Väsby.

For those who don’t follow hockey in the US/Canada, what would the leagues you’ve played in look like, if you had to make a qualified guess compared to the leagues in Sweden?

– I think it’s very difficult to compare leagues, but in general I think Hockeyettan and Usports are quite close and the best players in Usports could be from the Hockeyallsvenskan class.

What role have you had in the different teams of these leagues and have you played as a center in all seasons?

-As I mentioned before, I had to get used to a more defensive role during the first few years in Canada, but I gained a lot of confidence in the United States where I was able to develop my game on all the way, which carried over into my seasons with UPEI where I had plenty of playing time in all situations.

As a resident of Vallentuna, where else do you keep track of Väsby Hockey?

-When I grew up and played men’s hockey in Vallentuna, I remember all the derbies at the rink. These were tough games and both teams had to struggle to score points. In my eyes, Väsby has always been tough to face and never give up, which I think will suit my style of play.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season with Väsby?

– I have high expectations for this season. I hope I can help Väsby to take the plunge again in the Allsvenskan.

Finally, Filip, what greetings do you give to all Väsby fans and what will characterize you in the 2022/2023 season of the Väsby jersey?

– I’ve seen a few films from the rink and I’m really looking forward to performing in front of such a large audience. I will play with a lot of energy and give my all in all situations!

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