iPhone 15, killed by spoilers

By spoiler I mean rumours: there are (American) analysts and journalists who do just that for a job. They collect more and more accurate rumours, make detailed plans this not even the CIA when intercepting the Chinese militaryand produce predictions that are obviously very timely and therefore scary for Apple managers. Ruining everyone’s surprise. At this point, Tim Cook would be quicker to send us an email update and give away a week of TV+ to the entire planet as marketing. Able that it costs him even less than the production of the basic.

It’s nothing new, but it gets worse every time. So this year I did an experiment: I sat in front of the TV, opened the official app with the live broadcast (which can also be seen on the Apple website or on Youtube) to follow the “live” event, which to be honest is recorded. Because, since the pandemic, Tim Cook has discovered that it is better to make a more refined but “cold” product, so much so that even those on the Cupertino campus in the end it’s like he was watching the game in the bar on the big screen, not on the field. Better that way for Apple, because there are no more risks: no one makes mistakes and does not make mistakes, and many special effects can be used to “liven up” even the sleepiest basic.

I was saying, I sat on the couch with a sheet of paper with a list of rumors and a pencil. I noted them one by one as they were confirmed in time and finally finished them. All predictions are accurate: from the new touch button on the super camera of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, from the A17 Pro chip with 3 nanometer processing to the USB-C connector in place of the exclusive Lightning port.

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