Iris scanner to record real people


Jul 25, 2023

By Fabian Kurman

With the development of AI tools, it becomes more and more difficult to recognize whether a digital counterpart is a human or a machine. The Worldcoin project wants to change that and authenticate people using an iris scan. The global rollout of 1,500 scanning stations begins this week.

Tools For Humanity has built the Orb iris scanner, which creates a cryptographic key from a photo of the eye’s iris.
Photo: Worldcoin

It seems to be the week of mega ideas: yesterday, Elon Musk renamed the news service Twitter ‘X’ in order to develop an application ‘for everything’: chat, messages, reservations and payments. But he’s not the only one who wants to change the whole world. At the same time, the company Tools for Humanity yesterday took a further step and is rolling out its human registrars worldwide, with which people will be digitally distinguished from AI in the future. The goal is a global identification and payment system. The company was co-founded by Sam Altman, the head of OpenAI. Its ChatGTP program has been causing a stir since last November.

1500 scanners record real people around the world

Since then, awareness of AI and its possibilities has changed in Germany. Apparently the time has come for Tools for Humanity (TFH) to also register people in Germany as people by iris scanning. This has been possible in Berlin for almost a month. It’s one of 1,500 “orbs” that are currently deployed around the world, including 13 European cities. They look like silver colored balls but are an iris scanner with additional electronics to process biometric data. Registration must therefore be done in person on site.

With the World app, you can make an appointment to digitally verify your own humanity.
Photo: Worldcoin

One for all: universal authentication with World ID

The other part of TFH revolves around a cryptocurrency that goes by the pompous name of “Worldcoin” and is meant to financially connect the entire world in the future. Whereas with Bitcoin and Co. you cannot tell if there is a human or an AI on the other end of a transaction, Worldcoin users are biometrically verified as human through an iris scan. Both cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. But with a so-called “World ID”, it will not only be possible to receive payments in Worldcoin via the World app in the future, it should also be possible to register with digital services, for example with Twitter – i.e. “X” – or with Discord. TFH promises little effort to the app developer for integration.

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With the Worldcoin project, real people should be digitally registered and later be able to authenticate themselves clearly using a “World ID”.
Photo: Worldcoin

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