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If you’re looking for an alternative to Disneyland, we’ll show you. You don’t have to go to Paris because it’s in Italy. Here you will find it.

This is the Italian Disneyland –

Disneyland Paris is definitely a dream destination for both children and adults. To visit the whole amusement park it takes some time and it is good to organize in advance so as not to make the day stressful and above all not to miss any attractions.

Disneyland Paris – amusement park –

The attractions here are really for all ages, although the little ones will definitely be thrilled because it’s a really unique way. However, this is not far from arriving in Italy. At the moment, apart from Gardaland and Mirabilandia, there is no other amusement park.

Gardaland is currently the biggest attraction in Italy and even if there is a clear difference with Disneyland it can hold its own. There are many families or groups of friends who decide to spend a day at Gardaland because of the many entertainment options on offer.

Gardaland – amusement park in Italy –

In fact, Gardaland offers 3 themed areas, namely: fantasy, adventure and adrenaline. The first one is especially suitable for the little ones. The second, however, are attractions for all ages while the third is dedicated mainly to adults. However, a brand new, completely unique amusement park is about to open in Italy.

New opening in Italy: work in progress for Ludo&Felix

As we said, in Italy there is currently no amusement park that resembles Disneyland Paris except for Gardaland. However, it is still close to a brand new amusement park. In fact, work on Ludo&Felix started last year and the new theme park will be in the South.

Specifically in Campania, in Maddaloni. The start of the work was made possible thanks to funds from the Pnrr, National Resilience Recovery Plan. In fact, it is a project to reassess an area, namely the former Cementir quarry in the province of Caserta. The park will occupy an area of ​​100 hectares and 400 million has been allocated between private funds and Pnrr.

work in progress for a brand new amusement park – Lux&Felix –

Ludo&Felix is ​​the theme park under construction but it will be split into two parts. Ludo will cover 40 hectares and is where the attractions will be, while Felix will cover 60 hectares and will be the cultural side. Naples does not yet have a theme park of this size and it is a structure that is sure to create a big hit

But the park, in addition to being an attraction that many are waiting for, will also open up great job opportunities. In fact, once the works are completed, 3,500 jobs will be created. 1500 will be direct workers while the other 2000 will be created by related industries.

At the moment, the completion date of the works has not yet been announced, but we are eagerly awaiting the opening of this brand new theme park on Italian soil.

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