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It is well known that there are hundreds and hundreds of sports in the worldThere are all kinds, or are the most famous, like football, The broadside or the tennis? or those that are less known, or practiced – especially in Italy – such as e.g. polo, The cricket, or the curlsThe

Then there are those sports that are well known but few “have the courage” to practiceThe There, ‘to have courage‘: this may be the substance with which we can summarize his discipline parachutingThe Extreme sport also used in military operations – it was widely used in World War I – as well as for fun and competition. But in reality, skydiving is one of those sports that everyone has thought, at least once in their life, that it would be great to tryFrom there on between the fear of heights and the classic: “who makes me do it?” very few go through it.

So we decided to investigate further for those who are passionate about skydiving and have participated in racing events of this sport. An example screaming of these athletes, part of the Brianza area, is Massimo Pantseri, 52-year-old resident of Monza, CEO of Atala spa -one of the most important brands of bicycle production, but mainly leader in the production of electronic bicycles in Italy -, mural Italian rw4 parachutist rookie champion with his team.

What does skydiving mean to you and how did you approach this sport?

I started parachuting at a very young age, at 17 years old: I was drawn to his idea jump in the sky, in vacuum. I got closer than anything else, in the beginning, to military parachute, but then I switched to modern, too, for fun as well as sports purposes. Then I stopped at 24Here are the relevant ones 7 years I can define them as first phase my experience with skydiving? there second one happened twenty years later: a friend of mine insisted and persuaded me to start practicing this discipline again. I had about 45 years old, ε I’m 52 nowI confess it, when I returned to the “jump” I did not even know what to do, how to behave, I had forgotten almost everything: the first jumps were annoying, while today, hundreds of jumps later, it is a completely different music “.

Would you suggest it?

Yes, maybe I would, although objectively it is not simple, on the other hand it is unique in its kind, ed is suitable for those who want to try a different sports experience from everyone else. It is one of those sports that you can not take it lightlyLet’s say it is the opposite of billiards, without offense. As in any sport, everything is a matter of commitment, but the age limit, if you have the courage and the will, practically does not exist. I have a friend who is a paratrooper and he is 80 years old “.

Was there a “leap” in your career that you liked more than others?

“I had a lot of experience as a paratrooper all these years, then the beauty of doing this sport is the sense of freedom and relaxation that soaks youI jumped it from Deserted dunes in Namibia, but also from helicopters over the Swiss AlpsBeen was a great place for me. However, it is not just a matter of places but also of moments: it’s just as nice to jump with so many other paratroopers, whether it is 8 or 10: there it challenges you to continue training, which is both difficult and exciting. Parachuting it does not just fall, as some may think, but it is to throw, at a speed of 250 km / h “.

As for the Italian parachuting championship you won, what exactly does it consist of?

“I am just saying this there is, obviously, more specializations in this field: you leave Freefly, this is one I fly upside down, its use feathers, perhaps the most spectacular, up toRW4 – beginner category, in particular -, the one in which I participated: starts from an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level μι ends in one of the 1400: what needs to be done is represents figures along with your team in time limit 35 seconds: making more figures – selected by a jury for each round on letters of the alphabet, each round had 3 figures, – vinceAll from one set 8 some distributed over Three days -24-26 September 2021 -. As for the heat, you have to be very careful, after all even one mistake jeopardizes the result: in our team, the youngest was a world champion in landing speed, so was the most experienced, who gave us a big hand to bring home the victory. The same that I would describe as fun in itself, apart from the competition: in total we were over 100 paratroopers, Italian and foreign. “Personally, I lived this whole experience as if it were a game.”

Did you expect this result at the beginning of the championship?

“It simply came to our notice then we were ready to be competitiveThere were also other strong teams, and this was already evident in the warm-up phase. The same thing that did not go very well for us: we achieved lower results than others. Fortunately, everything went differently in the race “.

Have you participated in other competitions before him?

“In fact this was my first contest“In the past, I limited myself to throwing myself for pure fun and experiencing those emotions that only this sport can give.”

Future goals?

“Of course one of my dreams is to jump in the most beautiful places in the world, as I have already done, but others are missing: it is Pyramids, The Burj al-Arab and Dubai -, translated into Italian as “tower of the Arabs”, is the skyscraper with a characteristic sail shape, a symbol of the city in the world, which hosts the most luxurious hotel in Dubai – or in South Africa to make a leap into the ocean: I could say that I would like to “travel the world by jumping”.

I would like to thank First of all Mario Faturo, my teammate I mentioned earlier, world speed champion, a person who has formed the team with a professional working method: managed to turn 3 regular paratroopers into a technical teamFinally, I would, indeed, we would like to dedicate the victory to Pescegato and Carlo, friends who died last year.

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