Jerzy Targalski is dead. The historian was 69 years old

A few days ago, the editors of the portal informed about the serious health condition of Jerzy Targalski, who turned 69 in July. At the time, Dorota Kania called for prayers for the historian’s health. Today she sadly informed about Targalski’s death.

“Today Dr. Jerzy Targalski left for the Father’s House. See you in a better world my friend” – she wrote on Twitter.

Who was Jerzy Targalski?

Jerzy Targalski was a historian, political scientist, orientalist and publicist. He had a PhD in humanities and was a lecturer at the University of Warsaw. During the Polish People’s Republic he belonged to the Polish United Workers’ Party, later he was an opposition activist.

He collaborated with Gazeta Polska, was a frequent guest on Republika Television and his columns were also published there. He also appeared as a commentator on TVP Info. Jerzy Targalski was the author of many controversial political concepts in support of Law and Justice.

In addition to Dorota Kania and Maciej Marosz, he co-authored the series “Resort children”, which appeared in 2013. The authors of the publication traced the family fate of people from the world of media and politics, tying them, among others, with the Polish United Workers’ Party, SB or the Communist Ministry of Public Security. The books were criticized, attention was paid to the numerous simplifications and selective treatment of information. Nevertheless, “Resort Kids” was a huge commercial success, selling around 130,000. copies.

The publication led to two lawsuits. The journalist Jacek Żakowski, who was featured on the cover of the book, believed that there was no evidence of his connection to the services of the People’s Republic of Poland. The court in Warsaw banned the publication of a book with Żakowski’s image on the cover for a year. The court also ordered the payment of 50,000. gold compensation and publishing the apology in several newspapers. Monika Olejnik sued publishing house Fronda for violating her personal rights by suggesting the inscription on the back cover of the book that she is not a patriot.

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