Jollyroom reportedly sold a potentially dangerous snorkel mask

The children’s and baby chain Jollyroom has been selling potentially dangerous diving masks to children for several years. Therefore, the Swedish Consumer Agency wants the channel to be ordered to pay a fine.

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Diving masks are considered personal protective equipment and are therefore subject to certain requirements. Protective equipment is covered by the EU Personal Protective Equipment Regulation.

To sell this type of protective equipment, the product must be CE marked, which obliges the manufacturer to draw up technical documentation that confirms the safety quality of the equipment.

– Jollyroom sold the diving mask without verifying that the manufacturer ensured that the mask was safe to use. In addition, the diving mask has sold several thousand copies over several years and it is a very popular product for children, explains Elisabeth Andréasson, lawyer at the Swedish Consumer Agency, in a press release.

The fact that scuba mask safety is important is because a scuba mask must be functional in terms of exhausting used air, carbon dioxide.

If it does not work safely, it may lead to carbon dioxide poisoning in the user, where symptoms such as dizziness and confusion are common.

– Since there has been no investigation regarding the ability to ventilate carbon dioxide, this is serious as it is a risk that is hidden from the consumer. You just don’t expect carbon dioxide poisoning when using the snorkel mask, comments Elisabeth Andréasson.

The diving mask, intended for children, must also have been sold without product information or instructions in Swedish.

For these reasons, the Swedish Consumer Agency now wants Jollyroom to be ordered to pay SEK 1 million in penalties.

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