Kajetan Duszyński: My life has changed every day since the Tokyo Olympics

The gold of the Polish mix in the 4×400 m distance was, next to the triumph of Dawid Tomala in the 50 km walk, the biggest surprise Polish athletes caused during the Olympic Games in the capital of Japan. The joy of Duszyński, who runs the last shift, can be safely described with the white-red image of the Games.

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– My life has changed every day since the Tokyo Olympics. So far my main occupation has been driving around in different places, meeting people, talking. The last few days it had a slightly different dimension, because we participated in different galas, season overviews. So far in my career I have never encountered anything like this – emphasized the 26-year-old athlete.

He admitted that of course it is all very nice and nice, but it can also be exhausting.

– There was not enough time to spend it with loved ones. And that was a big need after the Olympics. During the season we are away for a long time. September is usually one of those golden months where we can make things right. Now it looked like there were a lot of tasks that replaced the current routine – he explained.

In 2022, the main points will be the World Indoor Championships and in the summer the World and European Championships in the stadium. Duszyński would like to perform under the roof during the winter season, as long as his health allows. No lack of motivation after success in Japan.

He admitted that the “personal best” of 44.92 set this season exceeded his wildest expectations.

– I didn’t feel ready to run that fast. I’ll focus on repeating what I’ve been doing in training for the past year and we’ll see what it brings. It often happened that the training was good, and then my health showed me very little of that. The small differences will determine whether you are at the top or not going to the destination event. The world is spinning much faster than Europe. I’m finishing this season as second European on the list, so it’s a huge event for me. Justyna Święty-Ersetic has proven that individually on our continent you can fight successfully with the best. This is a role model – said the AZS Łódź player.

He confirmed that after the Olympics, many people drew attention to the surprise caused by the mixture, and also emphasized the emotions experienced that day.

– Those are nice words. Some people attribute this win to me because it may have looked a little phenomenal on the last shift. Because I might as well be third or fourth, and I was first. However, I keep telling everyone that the previous changes have put our team in a good position to attack. If it weren’t, we’d be far behind – he estimated.

Obviously, there are no starting plans for next year for an athlete specializing in the 400m distance. One of the dreams is to compete in the Diamond League.

– Few people know and realize that it is more difficult to get there than to the Olympics or the world championships. There is one run at the meeting and eight seats. 4-5 participants usually run the entire cycle. So there’s still a little room left to slip out of somewhere and show your good side. Even if it was a chance to compete on the first, internal job, I’ll take it blindly – he declared.

He declined to give a clear answer to the question about the future of the men’s 4x400m relay. In his opinion, there are too many variables to predict what will happen.

– The lineups change dynamically. And that has a lot of influence on the result. After this season, the appetite increased. Of course we want to revolve around the Polish record. Now they’re mainly talking about me, Darek Kowaluk and Karol Zalewski, because we won medals in the mixed relay. However, there is much greater potential – Mateusz Rzeźniczak, young Patryk Grzegorzewicz, Tymek Zimny. Kuba Krzewina didn’t say the last word, maybe Łukasz Krawczuk will come back. There is someone to choose from. However, it is difficult to say who will have the form and when. Many things have to work together for the relay to work as expected and possible. We’ve already tackled the pressure of our relay run, for example after the world record indoor, that makes no sense anymore and it’s even harder to build a team – he noted.

He considered the statement, repeated by many coaches, that it all has to come “out of the game” as golden words.

– This is very practical advice. We are exposed to enormous stress in a short period of time. You can’t get tense. Emotions or any unnecessary comments – they certainly do not help us. We really care about success. We devote our whole lives to it – duszyński in summary.


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