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ROME (ITALPRESS) – Carnival represents an occasion of joy between parents and children and Kinder wants to accompany adults and children in the celebrations by bringing them a traveling carnival throughout Italy where they will be able to discover a typical traditional game, which will still be sweeter and fun with Kinder treats: Pentolaccia Games and sweets have always contributed to the festive atmosphere that characterizes the carnival, and with Kinder Pentolaccia, children will be able to have fun, play together and taste Kinder specialties . To celebrate this anniversary in the best possible way, maximum fun will be offered to the public thanks to a special Kinder traveling carnival that will stop at some of the most famous and family-friendly carnivals in Italy: Fano Carnival (Marche ) , the Carnival of Acireale (Sicily), the Carnival of Putignano (Puglia), the Carnival of Cento (Emilia Romagna and the Carnival of Viareggio (Tuscany). all ages and create pleasant memories for adults and children. Inside the Kinder corner all families attending the Carnival “capitals” will be able to try their hand at breaking the Kinder Pot and discover what goodies it will be filled in. In fact, families will be able to choose their favorite through a fun digital game the product from the 3 suggested to find it in the piñata Plus, you'll be able to take fun photos and family memories at the photo booth located in the Kinder corner and engage with Kinderino, the infallible and beloved mascot, who will come to life the pavilion and the carnival in the city. Fano Carnival (January 28) – Born way back in 1374, the Fano Carnival is one of the oldest in the world. The parades of the big floats are inaugurated by the carnival dedicated to children, which officially starts the festivities in the city from the morning. Kinder will come alive on the opening day of the festivities, Sunday 28 January, at its stand in the Pincio area. Acireale Carnival (February 3 and 4, 2024) – The Acireale Carnival is considered the most beautiful carnival in Sicily thanks to the allegorical-grotesque floats that parade through the beautiful streets and squares of the historic center. It traces its roots back to 1594 and is one of the most authentic and fascinating displays of island folklore. Kinder will come to life on the weekend of February 3 and 4, at its stand in Piazza Indirizzo. Putignano Carnival (February 11, 2024) – With a history of over 600 years, the Putignano Carnival is one of the oldest and longest running in the world. popular festival known for its allegorical chariots and “horses,” masked characters representing the different ages of life. Kinder will bring to life the main day of the festivities, Sunday February 11, at its stand in Piazza San Domenico. Cento Carnival (February 18, 2024) – Cento Carnival is the first carnival in the world to be twinned, starting in 1993, with the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Among the characteristics of this carnival is the throwing of inflatable and soft toys from the floats to the spectators, the so-called “ghetto”. Kinder will come to life on the day of February 18, at its stand in Piazzale della Rocca. Viareggio Carnival (February 3 – 24, 2024) – The Viareggio Carnival is one of the most important in Italy and the world, now boasting over 150 years of tradition and over 500,000 spectators for each edition. For the sixth year running, Kinder will come alive on all days of the festivities – Saturday 3rd, Thursday 8th, Sunday 11th, Tuesday 13th, Sunday 18th and Saturday 24th – which will be the setting for six Great Masked Courses. The Kinder stand will be located on the beach of Viareggio. This year there will be the opportunity to celebrate the Carnival also on the ski slopes of the Dolomites in the picturesque Cortina on February 12 and 23.-photo Ferrero press office – (ITALPRESS).

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