Singer Konstantin Wecker has been dreaming of a world without domination – for more than 50 years. “This has been my anarchic basic idea since I was 17,” the 74-year-old Munich resident confessed in an interview with the Nordbayerischer Kurier. Wecker appears on the sidelines of the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth on Tuesday.

“I have always been an anarchist who could never do anything with any ideology,” said the musician. “Ideologies are invented by individuals. But communal, peaceful coexistence can only work if everyone works on it. “

“If I look at all the gentlemen from Trump to Orban, then I hope it will be the last revolt of the patriarchy,” Wecker continued. “I have the feeling that a lot has always changed after pandemics. The Roman Empire was also lost due to malaria. “Perhaps some will now notice how miserable capitalism has failed.”

From: APA / dpa