Kopeck won the world championships after a strong abseiling and took gold in Glasgow

Kopeck, 27, confirmed her role as the main favorite after the 154 kilometer long descent from Loch Lomond to Glasgow, where the peloton then faced six circuits in the city. Less than six kilometers from the finish line, Ludwig’s dog chased the mole’s trail down a gentle incline, both torn apart by the heat. This ended Belgium’s long 50-year streak for gold in the women’s elite category. In 1973, Nicolle van den Broeckov celebrated. Ludwigov then narrowly lost the sprint for the stbro to Vollering. This is the first power medal for the circuit.

It’s a dream come true for me, it really means a lot to me. It will be great to ride in the rainbow jersey of the world champions and I know I will enjoy it,” she said in an interview with Union Cycliste Internationale Kopeck, who was shaking her head. going through customs.

As if she didn’t see at all that she had finally reached her dream momentum. Last year, she had to settle for second place, after being beaten by the experienced Dutchman Annemiek van Vleutenov in Wollongong, Australia. Emotions then helped Kopecká to the hilt, first during the interview shortly after the seduction ended – the emotional cyclist with the Czech-sounding name after her great-grandfather burst into tears.

The Belgian Lotte Kopeck is delighted with the title of world champion in powerlifting.

It was a test of efficiency, but also of patience. The black girls helped me a lot. We are a cycling powerhouse, but we couldn’t sell it for a long time, someone ran into us. Today, however, we showed that we can succeed as a team even in such a big and long-lasting challenge, she appreciated the team’s teamwork.

Kopec at the common ampiont of cycling disciples in Glasgow lived it on the railway. She became the world score champion and eliminated seduction. In addition, she won bronze at the omnium. After those races on the oval, I just thought it was probably impossible for me to win to ride on the road as well. It’s something crazy, said Kopeck.

Among the heroines of seduction was the vcarka Elise Chabbeyov, who spent a lot of time in the niche and in the end took seventh place. Right after him, gold collector Van Vleutenov went to customs. When she parted ways with MS, she had a huge dose of courage, as she encountered technical problems several times. The latter rolled just before entering the final circuit, and the 40-year-old Dutchwoman lost about 40 seconds at that point and gave up the game for precious metals.

Neumanov lost 15 minutes against Kopecká takka, 62nd place was taken by 8-year-old Elika Kvasnikov, who was the youngest member of the team. Kristna Burlov did not go to customs.

I didn’t have the words to hit the first band. You must be taken for a reality, that these seducers are elsewhere. I have to go to work there. I tried to be in the best possible position on the circuits and used a lot of power to get into the right positions. I then wanted to sprint for a better result, but I had a kee on the last hill. I take the result as encouragement for the rest of the season, Neumanov said in the association’s press release.

It was a huge difference. Lateral tk drain. I’ve never eaten anything like this in a curry, adds Kvasnikov. I tried to board a few kilometers after departure. I trudged for about a few kilometers, but no one wanted to accompany me. Then it started going up and all the girls bombarded me. Somehow I bumped into the beam, he climbed a hill, where I fell, she described the descent.

Then she had to pekonat dal pecky to get to customs. To make matters worse, in the group I was working in, a girl fell about five feet and the group ran away from me. I was able to settle in there, we even reached the main beam, which we managed to do just before entering the circuits. However, I did not have time to get to the end, the seduction was painful for me, Kvasnikov added.

In the twenties, behind the first Vasova, the Dutch Shirin van Anrooijov won bronze, and the Briton Anna Shackleov won bronze.

Road Cycling World Championships in Glasgow

lead with mass start

women (154.1 km): 1. Kopeck (Belg.) 4:02:12, 2. Volleringov (Netherlands), 3. Ludwigov (Den.) ob -7, 4. Reusserov (vc.) -12, 5. Schweinbergerov (Austria), 6. Deignanov (British) ob -34, …56. Neumanov, 62 years old. Kvasnikov at -14:49, Burlov (all R) did not finish.

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