Kry turns himself in after the service leaked information to Facebook

Kry Connect has been marketed internationally as a simple, free and secure way for doctors, for example, to meet patients digitally during the pandemic. But the system has also leaked phone numbers and email addresses of doctors and patients, an overview of shows Swedish Radio Ekot

For doctors, this happened when they registered or logged in. When the doctor invited you for a video call, the patient’s email address or phone number was also forwarded to Facebook. When Ekot tested, it also happened a few times after I said no to tracking in the so-called cookies settings.

– Just the fact that you have at least been looking for me can be sensitive to you. You must not distribute patient information in any way, anywhere, Torsten Mossberg, chair of the Swedish Medical Association’s Ethics and Responsibility Council, told Ekot.

After Ekot asked questions of Kry, the company limited the transfer to Facebook. Kry confirms that information went to Facebook due to “an incorrect implementation” and that the information was used for advertising and marketing.

It is not clear how many people are involved. However, Kry emphasizes that the Kry Connect leak has not affected users of Kry’s regular healthcare app. The company also reported the incident to the Privacy Protection Authority, Imy.

In an interview with Today’s Medicine Kry states that the leaked information is encrypted and cannot be read straight up and down.

– It was a big mistake, but luckily it wasn’t health data and it was in hashad form, but that’s not how it should be, says press manager Jonas Beltrame-Linné.

This kind of hashad, encrypted, personal information has also previously been leaked from the online bank Avanza to Facebook, which Ekot reported about a year ago. Recently, the online pharmacy Apotea also reported to Imy after sending customer information to Facebook, despite the company stopping advertising there.

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