Kungälv dominated against Baltichov – Handbollskanalen

Stenberg line. Photo: Michael Erichsen / BILDBYRÅN

As expected, Baltichov was no match for Kungälv. The team in green eventually won 35-19.

Kungälv was the heavy favorite heading into the first round of the ATG Swedish Cup, where Baltichov was the opponent. The home side took three out of six shots on goal and therefore had to start the game with 3-0, but that lead was quickly overtaken by Kungälv. In the ninth minute of the game, the scoreboard showed 3-7, and it would take another minute before Baltichov scored the game’s first goal.

Vendela Liifv Sinkko scored 4-7 and then followed a fine period from the home side. Kungälv’s game was in full swing and Baltichov took his chance and was just one ball away (8-9). During the final half-time leg, however, he ran away for the home team, who eventually had to go to half-time with 11-20.

With the advantage in the first half, it was difficult to create excitement in the match again. Kungälv was able to play the second half relaxed and eventually won 35-19, after eight goals from Vanja Andersson.

It should be noted that the guests only conceded eight goals in the second half.

Baltichov scorers: Vendela Liifv Sinkko 5, Elina Hallberg 2, Ottilia Söderfjord 2, Emma Tolinsson 3, Emelie Romeborn 2, Izabella Ellison 2, Moa Bengtsson 2, Lisa Tire 1, Edit Hohner 1

Kungalv scorers: Vanja Andersson 8, Line Stenberg 5, Felicia Bygdemark 3, Alma Jönsson 3, Mia Lagumdzija 3, Selma Maderner 3, Elin Leissner 3, Alva Söderbom 2, Elin Nilsson 2, Madeleine Lindgren 2, Kristina Zubonja 1

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