La Palma volcano: drones in search of lost dogs find mysterious sign, human traces

Drones trying to rescue three dogs trapped near an erupting volcano found no evidence of animals – but detected human footprints in the restricted area and a message saying: “The dogs are fine.”

The Cumbre Vieja volcano was located on the Spanish island of La Palma Pouring lava and ash since September 19still showing no sign of stopping.

The eruption evacuated thousands of people from their homes, destroyed buildings and forced some areas to move to restricted areas.

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A dog rescue mission in La Palma

In the aftermath of the devastation, drones took photos of emaciated dogs on the island, prompting a surge of support from animal lovers around the world. Spain.

Donations and initiatives were launched, and a rescue mission was launched.

Photo of a banner circulating on social media saying in Spanish: “Be strong, not Palma. The dogs are fine. First team”, the animals could be moved.

The drone team confirmed they could see some of the messages from the sky, as well as human footprints.

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“The banner is already there, it was only blown over by the wind and we saw human footprints, so we understand that the dogs disappeared a few days ago,” said Jaime Pereira, CEO of the operator of Aerocamaras drones.

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Lava shelves along Boulevard La Palma

Mr Pereira added infrared temperature measurements of the lava surface surrounding the yard where the animals had been thrown for weeks and showed it had cooled to 40 ° C-70 ° C (104F-158F) in certain places.

This means that everyone will be able to walk to save him.

“We knew something strange was going on because we checked all the places they might be hiding and found nothing,” he said.

“Now we just want to see the dogs to see if they are okay and the same dogs that we were looking for.”

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Small drones have provided the dogs with food packages, but so far no one has managed to retrieve them.

Aerocamaras plans to send a 50kg drone with a remote-controlled net to try to catch the dogs one by one and fly them over the lava.

On Sunday, officials from the Canary Islands said: The volcanic eruption is not in sight After 40 shocks in La Palma in one day.

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