Landmark deal between Google and News Corp: it will pay for the news

AGI – Google and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp have signed a “historic multi-year partnership” under which Mountain View will pay the publisher to index articles in the Google News Showroom section. The two companies announced it in a statement. The three-year agreement also includes the development of a subscription platform, the sharing of advertising revenue and “a significant investment in innovative video journalism” by Google-owned YouTube. The agreement between the two companies will concern not only Australia, which for years has asked web giants to pay for indexed information, but also the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post in the United States and the Times and the Sun. in Great Britain.

The deal comes as Australia prepares to pass new legislation that will force web giants to pay for news content. It would be a world first. News Corp CEO Robert Thomson said the deal will “have a positive impact on journalism around the world because we have firmly established that there should be a premium for quality journalism.”

Thomson then added: “For years we have been accused of fighting the windmills of technology,” but now that struggle “has become a movement, and journalism and society will improve.”

Earlier this week, officials in Sydney said Google and Facebook were on the verge of making deals with major Australian media outlets to pay for the news. Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg reported on Monday that talks with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai saw “great progress” in resolving an impasse that is now in sight around the world in his subject.

The companies initially threatened to partially withdraw their services from the country if the law was passed, sparking a heated dispute with Canberra. Today the agreement could remove this hypothesis.


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