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Ready for an evening full of fun, Chiara Nasti shows off a mini dress and leaves her followers speechless.

La Nasti in the foreground (Instagram screen)

It releases all the possible senses of its fans. The new and beautiful born decided to leave everyone speechless with a black and very short dressDouble click on it before you go out for a night full of fun or maybe in a sweet party, even if the influence leaves nothing to leak.

After the end of her relationship with Zaniolos, the world of gossip gave a new love to Chiara. This is the footballer Mattia ZaccagniAlthough the two have been surprised several times together, recently influencer also answered annoying questions from fans on Instagram.

In fact, during a conversation with followers, someone asked her about it but the young woman did not want to reveal anything. “I am busy; How much do you want to know! » replied the blonde influence but her look speaks clearly and looks like that of a happy and in love woman. Will it be the very short dress for him?

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Chiara Nasti, mini dress for going out: “you are my love”

Within minutes, Chiara sparked comments from her fans. The influence is still photographing herself at home, ready to go out. I’m wearing one very short black mini dress, Nasti covers the arms with long sleeves but the legs are well exposed and accentuated by an open sandal with lace lace. The laces go up to the thighs and they are all very sensual.

“You are my Love” wrote an enthusiastic fan and many pointed out that, with this new dress, Chiara beats all competitors. “And the Other Silent One” wrote many ironically but acknowledging that Nasty is truly one of the most beautiful and sensual influences of recent years. Beautiful, talented and in a career … and maybe even in love!

Chiara in black dress
Chiara in black dress (Instagram screen)

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