Leo in the Compass of Marina di Pietrasanta

Saturday, August 26, 2023, LIO, with his essentials The Club Girl Tour lights up the night on the Versilian coast, in Bussola at via Roma 44 in Marina di Pietrasanta (LU).

Club Girl is the new single from Leothat paves the way for a new artistic path: the young singer-songwriter from Turin has chosen to present the new project he has been cherishing for a long time, after a long-awaited and sought-after retirement from the scenes, to find a new awareness and a renewed artistic maturity.

The title track of the successful 2023 summer tour is a snapshot that symbolizes the queen of nightclubs, this girl who knows how to draw attention to herself, showing herself free and confident in her beauty: “I wanted to ideally portray it Club Girl, that kind of girl who at the disco, happy and carefree, is looking for fun without restrictions and bonds. A girl who will probably soon become a woman, determined and different, but who is currently trying to taste life lightly. For the job I do, I’m often surrounded by these girls and I love the idea of ​​dedicating a rhythmic song to them to dance to. It is a frame, a still image of a chapter, of a carefree and free time. The world of women fascinates me, there is so much to discover in women, a world. In this summer tour I bring the desire to share my new route and I am very happy with the reception of the audience: the way they dance with me to the notes Of Club Girl is pure joy, in a beautiful exchange of energy and will to live.”

Leo with Club Girl and a repertoire full of surprises, including covers and songs that launched his “new path” in the artistic, promises to bring to the stage all the energy that distinguishes him.

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