Leroy Sané celebrated by fans: FC Bayern continue to humiliate Europe

On February 9, 2020, Julian Nagelsmann creates a sensation that is only revealed little by little. As a Bayern coach he tries to make that feeling even greater. He also won against Kiev, with Munich’s 5-0 sovereign success guaranteeing stability.

To keep people from being confused, they need constants. Recurring objects, people, events that serve as anchor points and guarantee reliability. In the constantly rotating world, FC Bayern Munich offers exactly that stop. The record champions from southern Germany are not only very good, but also an important set point.

Bayern Munich – Dynamo Kiev 5: 0 (2: 0)

Roasted: 1-0 Lewandowski (12th, hand penalty after video evidence), 2-0 Lewandowski (26th), 3-0 Gnabry (68th), 4-0 Leroy Sane (74th), 5-0 Choupo-Moting (87th) )

Munich: Neuer – Süle, Upamecano, Hernandez, Davies (69th Pavard) – Kimmich, Goretzka (79th Sabitzer) – Gnabry (69th Musiala), Thomas Müller, Leroy Sané (80th Sarr) – Lewandowski (79th Choupo-Moting). – Coach: Nagelsmann

Kiev: Bushchan – Tymtschyk (46. Kedziora), Sabarnyj, Schabanow, Mykolenko – Sydortschuk, Andrijewskyj – Zyhankow (70. Karawajew), Schaparenko (46. Schepelew), de Pena – Harmash (69. Supriaha). – Trainer: Lucescu

Arbitrator: Marco Guida (Italian)

The viewers: 25,000

Hurricane Sabine swept through Germany on February 9, 2020. For security reasons, the Bundesliga match Borussia Mönchengladbach against 1.FC Köln was canceled in the short term on the Bas-Rhin (and later constituted as the first phantom match of the pandemic period), at Deutsche Bahn, the chaos is understandable. Trains are canceled in all parts of the country. Julian Nagelsmann is working on a sensation at the Allianz Arena in Munich. He also succeeds. But he is not satisfied. Because he doesn’t see the feeling. It will only open gradually.

One shot, one goal: Bayern

With his club at the time, RB Leipzig, he could take the lead with a win in the opener against Bayern. But despite a short phase of envy, the Leipzigers do not want to succeed. After all, the defense around defender Dayot Upamecano and goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi also remains clean. The game ends 0-0, with the Munich side under coach Hansi Flick remaining at the top of the Bundesliga.

Then the pandemic will return and football will return at some point. The world is reorganizing itself. Upamecano announces his move to Bayern, Flick his departure and Nagelsmann is hired as his successor. Joe Biden succeeds Donald Trump as President of the United States, in Germany anyone who wishes receives an offer of vaccination, the election campaign begins, Annalena Baerbock crashes first, then Armin Laschet too, the SPD wins the election. The pandemic is gradually setting in.

Everything is constantly changing, there is only one thing left: Bayern Munich scores in every competitive game after February 9, 2020, a day that almost 20 months later appears as if it came from another life. Bayern Munich always scores.

“Leroy, Leroy” -Rufe in der Arena

In 81 games in a row. And of course, it was no different on September 29, 2021. Robert Lewandowski, 33, has recovered well from his scoreless match against Fürth. With a double, he screwed up his Champions League score to 77 goals, only Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are more efficient.

Leroy Sané, the winger so harshly criticized at the start of the season, has triumphed again, is in extraordinary form which allows him to pass a missed cross for a perfect shot on goal, and then get the perfect shot on goal, this which has been celebrated by all observers for soberly unmasking as a failing flank. His magical goal to bring the score to 4-0, a powerful left wing shot that took Kiev goalkeeper Heorhiy Bushchan on the wrong foot, was not intended at all, he admitted.

On DAZN, Sané said: “No, it was not on purpose. I wanted to cross normally. I was a little lucky that my technique was not so good at the time.” It was again the culmination of the Sané show, which after whistles at the start of the season brought him calls “Leroy, Leroy” in the arena and which Coach Nagelsmann classified as “exceptional”.

Nagelsmannn praises Upamecano

After the 3-0 victory in Barcelona, ​​a 5-0 victory over Kiev followed. Nagelsmann’s side were able to extend their winning streak to nine games, only in the season opener at Borussia Mönchengladbach did not want to win. The competitive goal difference in this still young season is 46: 6 after just ten games. If things continue at this rate, the 100 Bundesliga goals touched against Borussia Dortmund in early December will be scored.

The statistics show: Bayern Munich always scores and rarely have to accept goals. A perfect combination for success. So, to win against Bayern Munich, the opponent needs at least two goals. It’s possible. Certainly. But that’s not currently very likely either. Despite the departures of David Alaba and Jérôme Boateng, the defensive structure this season is at least as impressive as the attacking power. The new Upamecano entry, which caused a stir in February 2020, has more than stabilized after initial problems and already exudes Bavaria’s dreaded “Mia San Mia” mentality. Shortly before the end, he pulls off a defensive action, which he celebrates as a victory.

A moment that Nagelsmann underlined after the game. “The best scene was when Upamecano cleared a cross pass in the 89th minute and applauded that we were playing zero. It’s a big step we’re taking and it’s very important,” said the 34-year-old. at DAZN. Shortly after, the coach, whose absence his former employer Leipzig has already painfully noticed, also spoke about one of Bayern’s most important characteristics. Attesting to the strength of character of his team, he said: “If you play for Bayern Munich or any other world club, there are reasons, and sometimes it has to do with greed and character. Our team is very exemplary in this regard. ”


A particular example of this greed was again eternal world-class goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who once again did his job against Kiev despite being underemployed. When the Ukrainians with Carlos de Pena appeared dangerously in front of the Munich goal shortly before the break, he raised his arms, parried the shot at close range and again proved how much support he still has despite his advanced age of 35. .

To keep people from being confused, they need constants. Bayern Munich, this super club from southern Germany, not only dominates the national league and the Champions League, but has long established itself as an important anchor.

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