“Let’s clean the world”: Saturday, September 25 to Lake Telese

Press Release – Grazia Fasano, Legambiente Valle Telesina

New appointment of his volunteers Let’s clean the world 2021 to clean the shores of Lake Telese Terme, Saturday, September 25, 2021. Legambiente called on volunteers to take care, during the International Voluntary Environmental Weekend PIM, from September 24-25-26, of the area most loved by telesini, and have given their support to participate in many.

The Province of Benevento with the manager Elisabetta Cuoco has made available to a group of employees who perform, from Tuesday to Saturday, in a kind Let’s clean up the world in advance, the cutting of vegetation by eliminating acacia bushes and stones to free the flower beds and the path where the volunteers will work on Saturday, and the weeds around.

Its director Rosa PellegrinoComplete School organized the participation of the three fifth grade students of the Primary School and their teachers, to make the children experience a breakfast of outdoor environmental education, small gestures of active citizenship and fun.

The Crocodile Italian by Telese Terme Di Nino Fiorillo participated in the Legambiente appeal by organizing a large group of members who will accompany the class groups along with the members of Legambiente, also guaranteeing the presence of healthcare.

Its president Proloco of Solopaca Antonio Iadonisi reaffirming the friendship between the two associations and the sharing of various activities for the protection of the territory, given that the lake area is partly in the territory of Solopaca, will participate with members of the public service.

Its president Sustainable Telese Political Committee, born a few months ago in Telese Terme, shared his participation in Puliamo il Mondo in Telese Terme and participates with the promotional members in the adult volunteer program offered by Legambiente for them, individuals the citizens, will intervene to clean the shores near the water, bringing with them even small tools that may be useful (rakes, etc.).

“The personal enthusiasm for the volunteer event at Telese Terme – says Grazia Fasano, President of Legambiente Valle Telesina – It started on Tuesday, I met the group of workers from the province of Benevento, who were working to prepare the place for the volunteers on Saturday, and already at nine they had cleared a large area with the densest vegetation, and team leader Carmine Moscato told me that they would eventually finish around the wooden fence and the tuft wall of the road.

Clean the World is a Legambiente campaign that focuses on cohesion between public and private actors that can improve the appearance and quality of spaces and educate new generations to commit to a clean environment in which to live.

Clean up the World in Italy turns 29 years old, and last year, in 1991, in thirty places in Italy, including Telese, we organized its first day then Clean the World right by the lake.

For thirty years and almost every year we participate in the children, families, associations, citizens, local government and sponsors who have supported us on the lake.

This year, the event takes place thanks to the support of Legambiente Campania and the company Lavorgna Urban Hygiene, which works diligently with our association. Thanks to them, on Saturday, about 70 children from Telese Terme will have their first lifelong volunteer experience and other secondary school children, in the coming weeks, will participate in an outdoor training workshop for the circle of waste and separate collection “.

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