Linnea Jonröd became CEO of Astra Zeneca – 19 years old

Most go to high school, go to college, graduate, and look for work. Then many years of career await him to even approach the post of CEO of a company like Astra Zeneca. 19-year-old Linnea Jonröd skipped a few steps and immediately took on the role, something like Expressen was the first to report this.

– It was unreal, to be able to come to Astra Zeneca and see the premises and meet people who worked there, it was too good to be true, says Linnea Jonröd who is studying to be a pharmacist at Gothenburg University.

One day, while Linnea Jonröd was parading on social media, she saw an article from the organization Plan international where they were looking for committed young people aged 15 to 19 who want to change society.

– A month later I get an email that I have been accepted and that they have a project with Astra Zeneca that I could be a part of.

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No PR trick

Ten years ago, the UN established the International Day of the Girl, which is celebrated annually on October 11.

– The purpose of this day is to bring attention to the situation of women and girls in the world and related to this there is something called #GirlsTakeover where girls around the world hold important positions in one day, says Karl-Johan Karlsson, press officer on the Astra Zeneca.

During the day at the Mölndal office, Linnea Jonröd met Astra Zeneca CEO Katarina Ageborg and several other company executives. Together they discussed and exchanged experiences and thoughts on the opportunities for women and girls in society.

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– It is clear that it is interesting for the leaders of Astra Zeneca to meet her and to hear what she expects from a company like Astra Zeneca and what she thinks about it. How does her generation of young women think, what do they expect from a business today? It is an exchange of experiences and reflections.

Isn’t that just a way for Astra Zeneca to advertise then?

– No, we think it is important to raise these issues because if you don’t raise the issues on the agenda and talk about them, it is even more difficult to do something about the issues and challenges that exist. When it comes to gender equality and inclusion, it’s something that is with us all the time and that permeates our entire business.

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Good end

For Linnea Jonröd, the working day has given more taste to professional life. At the end of the month, Astra zeneca will organize a diversity week to attract attention and increase gender equality.

– Then I had to give my opinion on what I thought about what they were planning and what they would improve, etc.

At the end of the day, the CEO position of Astra Zeneca also ended and Linnea Jonröd resumed her studies.

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– The best thing about the day was meeting everyone who worked there and the worst was that I had to go home. Now all I have to do is finish the plug as I have five years left and keep my eyes peeled for more opportunities like this and really grab my chance

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