LIVE Fury-Ngannou LIVE: Gypsy King wins by split decision!


1.35 Thanks for watching and see you on the next live show!

1.33 95-94 Ngannou, 96-93 Fury and 95-94 for Fury. The judgment of the judges.

1.30 Split decision win for Fury, judges judgment very questionable.

The win should go to Ngannou, but we’ll see the judge’s judgement.

The last round ends. Both boxers believe they won on points.

Practically nothing happens anymore.

Boxers are waiting for each other.

Ngannou answers.

Jab by Fury

The final round begins!

A ninth round ends with almost nothing.

Technical shots from Fury but no power.

Jab by Fury.

The ninth round begins!

The eighth round ends, Ngannou almost has the match in hand.

Combination again by Ngannou, Fury is on the verge of a near fall.

Devastating left hand from Ngannou, partially blocked by Fury.

Classic offensive start from Ngannou.

The eighth round begins!

The seventh round ends, effectively a draw.

Jab by Fury on Ngannou.

Fury slips.

Ngannou misses.

Another one who left Ngannou, Fury absorbs.

The seventh round begins!

Round six ends, more points for Fury.

Fury combination.

Three missed shots for Ngannou.

The sixth round begins!

Round five ends, Fury leads this round.

Scary kicks out of Fury, but Ngannou holds onto the body slam.

Ngannou is showing all the power he was known for in the UFC.

Double Rage exchange to Ngannou’s face.

The fifth round begins!

Round four ends, Ngannou in the lead. Fury may be a bit underprepared for the fight.

Missing right hand from Fury.

Strong jab from Fury.

Ngannou’s power is still felt, Fury is starting to challenge him.

Ngannou troubles Fury again with a left leg.

The fourth round begins!

The third round ends.

FURY on the ground but gets up, strong left hand from Ngannou.

Very strong exchange between Fury and Ngannou, the fight heats up.

Ngannou goes on the offensive again with the jab.

The third round begins.

Round two ends, this shot goes to Ngannou no doubt, Fury very calm on defense.

Fury begins to pick up the pace.

He bleeds out Fury.

Combination by Ngannou against Fury.

Left to the body by Ngannou, Fury dodges.

The second round begins!

The first round ends, Fury is clearly in the lead but not by force.

Jab by Fury.

Lefts and rights from Fury, absorbing Ngannou well.

Another one left from Ngannou, Fury dodges.

The former UFC champion tries to come forward, Fury avoids the Cameroonian’s right.

Immediate left from Fury to Ngannou.

1′ The first round begins!

00.40 National anthems of the contenders in progress.

00.35 ‘The Gypsy King’ enters the ring in his usual ‘king’ fashion.

00.25 The challenger, former UFC champion Ngannou, was introduced.

00.15 Ngannou is about to make his professional boxing debut.

00.10 Celebrities such as spectators Cristiano Ronaldo, boxers such as Usyk and Bivol were present. As well as UFC athletes like McGregor and Adesanya.

00.05 About twenty minutes into the challenge.

23.55 Only five minutes left for the actual meeting ceremony to begin.

23.42 Music show before the match.

23.30 Start scheduled for midnight.

23.25 The wait may not be long for the meeting, given that the times are getting very early.

11.20 p.m. Francis Ngannou, originally from Cameroon, is a former UFC heavyweight champion who recently signed a contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL) to continue his career in mixed martial arts (MMA).

11.15 p.m. Fury has agreed to a monumental heavyweight title unification bout with Oleksandr Usyk, who holds the IBF, WBA and WBO belts.

11.10 p.m. This fight follows Fury’s win over Derek Chisora ​​in December 2023.

23.06 While Ngannou obviously has no boxing record, while for UFC 17-3.

23.01 Fury’s record is 34 fights with 33 wins and one draw (largely avenged with two wins).

10.58 pm It is clear that the number one favorite is Tyson Fury, we are in his discipline against one of the UFC champions, but we are talking about completely different disciplines.

22.53 Fabio Wardley beats David Adeleye, Fury Ngannou’s time has arrived.

21.50 Parker knocks out Keane.

20.50 Makhmudov defeats Junior Anthony Wright by knockout.

20.35 two matches have been played so far, Takam-Bakole with the victory of the second and Yauma-Bernath with the victory of the first. There is a delay compared to expectations due to a problem with the cameras.

20.30 Good evening and welcome to the Fury vs Ngannou live stream.

Good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to Fury-Ngannou Live text, fight between champion Fury and former UFC star Ngannou.

The WBC Heavyweight Champion, Maniais ready to face the PFL star, Ngannouin a clash that promises sparks between two giants of combat sports.

The theater of this fight will be a boxing ring, marking Ngannou’s professional debut in this discipline. However, the former UFC heavyweight champion is no novice when it comes to the ring. Ngannou, in fact, has roots in MMA and had the opportunity to train with boxing legend Mike Tyson in preparation for this challenge. Opposing him will be Fury, who shows no signs of slowing down, remaining undefeated in boxing for over 15 years. The prize for raptures is not just a victory, but the right to be declared the “Badest Man on the Planet”: the worst man in the world.

The main card starts at 19.00 with Fury and Ngannou deciding around 23.40. The time may change depending on the duration of other meetings.

Event: Fury-Ngannou
Date: 28/08/2023
Hours: Start around 23.40
Where Look at her: PPV Dazn.

Main Card:

Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou? Heavy weights
Fabio Wardley vs David Adeleye? Heavy weights
Joseph Parker vs. Simon Keane. Heavy weights
Arslanbek Makhmudov vs. Junior Anthony Wright; Heavy weights
Moses Itauma vs Istvan Bernath? Heavy weights
Carlos Takam vs. Martin Bakole? Heavy weights
Jack McGann vs Alcibiades Duran Galvan? Over the top

OA Sport brings you LIVE Fury-Ngannou LIVE : real-time news and continuous updates. Start of the main event around 23.40. Have fun!

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