LIVE TJ – NEDVED at the Book Fair: “Economic fair play does not work, I hope UEFA has noticed. The Stadium is our pride. I thank Anielli for allowing me to work at Juventus”

Pavel Nedved, vice-president of Juventus, is today invited to the Olympic Palace of Pavilion 1 of the Turin Book Fair to present Tuttosport’s book “La casa della Juve” written by journalist Guido Vaciago.

At the stadium …

“My house comes to mind, as does the title of the book. It is the pride of all of us, the club and the fans. This comes to my mind. Owning the stadium is a great pride, having to support the club in order to maintain this level of excellence. We live in our skin the happiness of being able to represent Juve “.

Does he tell us about his sense of belonging and responsibility?

“It represents the home but not only for us, but for all our fans, who come to the stadium and feel at home to cheer on their team. And it is important for the team and the players to feel it, they have to show the fans their passion, something special. And wanting to show people that they go to the stadium to have fun. Yes, but players must be responsible. They must always be able to represent these colors. “Pride is for all those who manage to reach this level of team.”

Can you tell us about the stadiums in Italy?

“In Italy there are two protagonists in the sector: the management and the investors. It is a struggle, a medium-term goal because we need patience and many millions and it can go against all sports goals because they require a lot of money. “But if we want to offer an important product, we have to invest.”

Is there a possibility of a new stadium for Women and U23?

“I am happy with how we experienced the women’s game, we received so many compliments and we were very happy with it. Yes, we have this project in mind for a new stadium, unfortunately the pandemic has stopped many things. We had to stop, but in the future we hope to do it, for the time being the project stops “.

How did you live the period without the fans?

“A very difficult time, I must say that we, as football, were lucky. We were able to do our job differently from others. It was very different, without people, fans, passion. A different league, very difficult. They called it a Championship. “Thursday was not exactly what football should be. We are all waiting. I am glad the government gave us the hand: 75% is good, but we are all waiting. The hope is to reach 100%. It will be. Very nice.” .

How important is the warmth of the fans?

“Of course you need to, I assure you that the players feel it and have an intuition about their performance. Only the fans make you go further, give you a push and you feel you have to go further. The sense of appreciation why you scared “.

What is it like to have a star in the Stadium?

“It’s a great feeling, to have a star on your pitch is terrifying. I’m very proud, I want to thank the fans who voted to put it. It ‘s an initiative that should be appreciated. In 2005, when Capello was there, O Sivori, Thuram and I were excited and happy to have a photo with him. “

Your relationship with Juventus?

“I have been here for twenty years, I am a foreigner who is considered a member of the family. I have to thank all the people of Juventus, the Anielli family who gave me the opportunity to work here. The sense of responsibility is great, to give back what I have they gave “.

How was the old Juve playing in the Stadium?

“I think these teams have done a lot, they were good and strong. Yes, I have often imagined myself on the pitch with the crowd so close, it gives you something more. I think all the stadiums in the world with People have something in it. We can be happy and lucky to have a property that ten years ago thought to build a piece of jewelry that everyone, fans and players, can enjoy. “

What is it like to play in the Stadium?

“It’s not the same as playing friendly, but you try to offer something spectacular. We always try to entertain people.”

What is it like to be in the stands?

“We are getting older now we see the boys go so fast that I could not go like that. But in the first years you still feel like a former footballer, you still have a little bit of football.”

Is there any superstition?

“It exists in both the players and the coaches. Each of us does small things that he thinks can help the team, Arrivabene goes to the elevator, I go up the stairs. These things make you reach the game with positive emotions.”

How do you fight racism?

“The path we have taken is absolutely right. We have a camera system that allows us to see and possibly punish. All clubs have to do it, it is a limited investment compared to what is generally spent on football. “Everyone has to do it.”

His special joy …

“I always see a series of photos in the president’s office while we are together, I do not remember the match, but I think we managed to be very happy at the Stadium. Yesterday we looked at them: in ten years three years have passed without defeat, another three with only one. We showed that it is our home “.

What are the most beautiful stadiums?

“Playing at the Burnaby or Old Trafford. They are stadiums where you surpass what you can do. They are historical teams that have something more than the others, the entrance to these facilities is incredible. When you travel around Europe you will find much improved systems. That in Prague has also changed, now they are thinking of doing just one for the national team. My first stage did not even have a stand, I always like to go back there. “When I go to my parents I always go to see the field where my father took me for the first time.”

The best match?

“The last one against Chelsea, we won and as our president says, the best is always the next one. It is difficult to start a match, the beauty of victory is always in the DNA of Juve “.

For Juve-Roma?

“It will be a great match, two great teams face two coaches who win. They will definitely prepare something special, it will be beautiful to see it “.

What moment is Juve experiencing?

“The adjustment is there, after the change of coach. It took time, but the others are running and we can no longer stop. “

For the work of Juve?

“All these years they have won a lot with a very experienced team. Now it is right to rebuild something important, the days of Juventus will never stop. We are investing in important new players, the future belongs to Juve. But we are also thinking about the present. “

Do you always have to win?

“We won the Scudetto, we won two cups. Some teams have not won anything in ten years, we live with the pressure that we must always win. We are used to it, those who work for Juve must know it, they must be strong and not be afraid “.

What do you think about Financial Fair Play?

“Financial Fair Play does not work, I hope UEFA has noticed. The right idea of ​​football is to spend what you earn, self-financed. Do not spend more, it is a line that you must have “.

Why is your Golden Ball in the museum?

“Because it is not mine but ours, without my teammates I could never win it. It has to be there for them to be able to see it, seeing the young people looking at it in the museum makes me feel a certain result. The first thought that comes to my mind is: “you can win it too”, if you have reached this company it is because you can win it. The last corner of the museum is the one I like the most, you can see the feeling that the player feels when he enters our crowded stadium “.

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