Live World Cup Qualifier: So it’s with Denmark – Austria

  • Today at 21:16

    The first yellow card

    Dane Wass is cautioned for a foul (31.)

  • Today at 9:10 p.m.

    The first chance ÖFB (25th)

    Hinteregger jumps the highest after a free kick, but the header flies over the goal.

  • Today at 21:08

    Bachmann parry

    A shot from close range, but the Austrian keeper is with his elbow on the spot (23.)

  • Today at 21:04

    Again and again to the right

    The next Danish crossing goes from the right into the Austrian penalty area. Then a foul play by the attacker (19.)

  • Today at 21:03

    that whets the appetite for more

    The Austrians do not want to be reduced by the favorites. Which will not be easy. After all, the two best restaurants in the world have settled in Copenhagen since last week. The Steirereck takes 12th place in the standings. In any event.

  • Today at 20:58

    Good pressing of the Austrians (12.)

    The Danes seem to have passed the first phase of pressure. The Austrians are more and more in possession of the ball. The game design was one of the weak points of the team in the end.

  • Today, 20:50

    Free kick Austria (5.)

    Beginner Grüll is put down … Alaba kicks off, but the ball fails in the middle

  • Today, 20:49

    Hosts are lobbying

    From the start, the situation of the Danes is clear. Quick down. Poulsen has the first chance with his head. Above

  • Today at 8:45 p.m.

  • Today at 20:43

    The hymns …

    … were sung. Slight advantages for the Danes. But this is not a song contest

  • Today, 20:40

    Party atmosphere in Copenhagen. The Danes in white and red, the Austrians in black and turquoise. In any case, you have to get used to it, rather not a political statement.

  • Today, 20:31

    The team leader speaks

    “It’s a lot of second balls today,” Franco Foda said in a television interview before kick-off. The expression is serious. “We want to annoy the Danes! It doesn’t mean hiding the bottles.

  • Today, 20:27

    No good omen

    There is no good news from the U21s. Werner Gregoritsch’s team lost in qualifying for the European Championship in Finland. The report can be found here:

  • Today, 20:18

    Something for masochists

    Studying video is not only important for football professionals. Here again the goals of 0: 4 on March 31, 2021 at the Prater

  • Today, 20:11

    The fresh force of the bank

    We still owe you the substitutes’ bench …

  • Today, 20:03

    Will the post office explode in Copenhagen?

    Addendum for newbies to the team. Marco Grüll is the 29th newcomer to the Foda era. You can read what distinguishes the former Postman and today’s offensive player in this KURIER portrait:

  • Today at 19:59

    The good plans of KURIER-Sport

    The editors who are on duty for you tonight are engaged – there is nothing to be obtained for the ÖFB. However, the tips vary from 0: 1 to 1: 3. If you run to the bookmaker now: All information without guarantee!

  • Today at 19:52

    This is how Denmark begins

    Almost no surprises with the host. Not surprisingly, however, in the current qualifying race.

  • Today, 19:39

    The ÖFB range is here – with two Rapidlers

    Grüll and Kara start in Copenhagen. Tactically, both a 4-2-3-1 is possible (Bachmann; Trimmel, Posch, Hinteregger, Alaba; Ilsanker, Grillitsch; Laimer, Sabitzer, Grüll; Kara), as well as a 3-5-2 with Bachmann ; Posch, Ilsanker, Hinteregger; Trimmel, Laimer, Sabitzer, Grillitsch, Alaba; Grüll, Kara.

  • Today at 19:31

    3-G verification even for stars

    No entry to Parken Stadium in Copenhagen without a valid 3-G ticket. Of course, this also applies to stars like Real Madrid professional David Alaba.

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