Lorenzo Viotti, conductor with tails and sneakers

His wardrobe reflects the aristocratic man – a doublet, a dark or burgundy tailcoat (perhaps with a wide bow tie as Valentino likes), a white shirt, a tie – that his free spirit, which he performs in dark blue wool trousers and slightly loose, baggy and light t-shirts, sneakers and hoodies (and in your bag you can never miss a swimsuit!). The perfect composition is represented by an outfit she posted on social media: tails and sneakers but also green Dolce & Gabbana sequins.

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The lightness, however, always gives way to the concentration with which he works. A bit like his beard, which he always checks himself before he gets on stage. Just the right size, regular. Her Swiss strictness is a perfect match for her more anarchic emotions, as well as her slightly unkempt hair. Bulgari took an interest in him and chose him as a Global Brand Ambassador for watches: “I’m not interested in just wearing a nice watch and taking a picture – said Lorenzo – it would be superficial. On the other hand, I and a cultural institution like Bulgari have a lot in common: time, pulse, work, excellence, the relationship of the new generation with the past, elegance and luxury, because classical music is also luxury.”

Social media as a means of expression, waiting for love

Lorenzo Viotti’s free spirit explodes on social media, where he is increasingly followed (on Instagram he has 101,000 followers). Despite finding its limits (“the web makes us lose the pleasure of enjoying real time”) for the Swiss teacher – who wants to be recognized for his art and talent – social media is “a medium for championing classical music and the confidence of a generation that was not as lucky as I was and that I think is in great danger: we are imprisoned in our phones, in the false judgments of others and in social media.”But even more so I am mirror of his soul released: “Being who we really want to be is a luxury. I have reached a point in my work and life where I feel completely free from this gaze of others. When I post I dress what I want, say what I want, it’s my life. If you don’t like me, that’s okay.” Free, even in life, since Lorenzo is currently single: “If there was a rule, you could be conductors too: it’s like a relationship between two people, it’s the mystery of life.”

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