Loveracing brought adrenaline, glamor and fun to the “Loverie 2023” party •

The Pieroni Award

in loveThe regularity race for historic and modern cars organized by Fixed HF of Santarcangelo, added adrenaline, glamor and fun to “Loverie 2023” party. of Savignano sul Rubicon. An original motoring event, which combined time trials with an exciting route of 96 kilometers in total on the roads of the wonderful Rubicon and Uso valleys and won great acclaim.

In this regularity match, it also applies as its third stage 6th Romania Trophy and for it HF challengethe crew formed by Paolo Pieroni and Ana Muresan of Scuderia Marche, who took first place overall in a 1998 Fiat 600 Sporting, climbing to the first step of a podium finish completed by Pietro Pedrieri with Graziano Fiorini in the Autobianchi Primula 1.2 from 1965 from the La Gherardesca stable in Pisa and Giorgio Zonzini navigated by Bianca Botteghi in Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0 from 1982 owned by San Marino Racing.

But the real hit for the organizers was seeing Ben at the start of Loveracing seven rookie crews of the 41 participants in the race. On the other hand, a dozen Lancias and Fulvias at first. Among the rookies win for Luigi Astolfi with Roberto Mascitti in the Fiat Barchetta from 1996, followed by Gabriele Alessandri with Francesco Pellegrini in Renault Clio Williams from 1993 and since Elena Bonacini with Lorenzo Barbacci in the 2013 Ford Fiesta ST, which also won Group E: cars built between 2003 and today.

In the grouping a (car until 1969) victory a Pretieri-Fiorini in Autobianchi Primula 1.2 (La Gherardesca Pisa), ad Andrea Terribili with Barbara Dinale in Lancia Fulvia 1.3 S from 1973 (Team San Luca of San Giorgio di Piano – BO) group B (cars built from 1970 to ’79) and the HF challengevictory for Zonzini-Bianchi In the group B (1980 to 1989 cars) on the 1982 Alfa Romeo Giulietta and grouping d (cars from 1990 to 1999) first place for overall winners Pieroni-Muresan. The all-female crew also did well: Giorgia Bertozzi with Elisa Corvaglia on their ultimate debut in Scuderia HF’s 1999 Fiat 600 Young they raised the “Women’s Cup” with an interesting score that led them to place just under half in the overall ranking.

“The most enjoyable moment was that of the messages of appreciation for this race formula, where we put fun and driving skills at the center of a track that was
I see – He says Loris Giorgetti of the HF group -. During the awards ceremony in Piazza Borghesi everyone said they had fun and for many of the crews it was an experience approaching normal motor racing. Our goal, which is to make even those who have never experienced it before passionate about the world of cars, was fully reached high. Having so many boys and women fighting makes us say that we are on the right track and therefore we will continue on our way.”

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