Lucie Černíková: The children’s audience will not give you anything for free

It is said that performing for children is the most difficult discipline. Do you agree with that?

Agree. Children are a very demanding audience that will not offer you anything for free. They are bright and receptive, they immediately reveal everything. They will immediately learn that you have committed an inaccuracy. Or that you do not mean it to them and you are completely different in your thoughts. They will stop trusting you and talk to you.

When was the last time you were called?

I am often called. But fortunately not because they stopped trusting me, it has not happened yet. There are rather positive answers on TV, I do not hear much of the criticism. Usually the children like the show and they send me beautiful pictures, which will always make me very happy.

How do you know what will work and what will not? Have you tried the script jokes on your kids in the past?

Try. How many times do I recite a text at home and watch what my children enjoy and what they laugh at. When I see that they like it funny, I will incorporate it there.

Have you ever had the script rewritten because of your daughters’ bad reaction?

It has not yet happened to transform. They are helped by other things you do not have in your kitchen at home – I wear a TV uniform, set up sets, use braces and music can help. On stage, the whole scene will just be a little more complete.

On the show Kouzelná školka, he first lent his voice to the puppet Fanynka, today he softens it.

Photo: archive of Czech Television – Zuzana Páchová

How do your kids treat you to having fun with foreign preschoolers while sitting at home? Isn’t he jealous sometimes?

You know they prefer to be with me. It would be ideal for them if I jumped with them all day on the trampoline in the garden. On the other hand, I do not have that much on TV. In addition, whenever I can, I will take them to the TV with me.

How did you get to Magic Kindergarten?

I won the voice casting when Czech television selected an actor to lend his voice to the Fanynce puppet. The play’s playwright, Marketa Vanikova, invited me to him, on the recommendation of Mr. Jiří Chalupa, who was Studio Kamarád’s main playwright and with whom we had known many fairy tales. And after eight years of talking to Fanynka, an offer came to soften the whole show.

What is better?

Of course I like both – Fanynka and the measure. But it is true that standing in front of the camera is more interesting and fun for me as an actor. It’s a much more demanding job, but you are all happier.

When I was sixteen, I wrote a letter to Mr. Jiří Suchý and filled a cassette with my song.

In addition, I like how many positions I have there – I play different characters, from the cleaner to the plumber, I also have a lot of disguises there. I really enjoy it. Playing with children and my job is my dream come true.

In addition to the Magic Kindergarten, you also play on the semaphore boards. How did you get there?

The lantern is actually my next dream come true. Even when I was little, we had a lot of old records at home and listened to songs by Semafor. So when I was sixteen, I wrote a letter to Mr. Jiří Suchý and filled a cassette with my song. I asked him if he would like me.

A few days later, I received a handwritten reply from him, in which he wrote that I do not sing badly, but that they do not have a job at the moment. I already thought everything would go wrong when my phone rang for the next three years.

From the Semaphore office, I was invited to an audition, during which they were looking for an actor for The Temptation of St. Anthony. So I bought a ticket and drove from Rakovnik to Prague. Well, it worked. My first time on stage started. Only then did I enter the conservatory.

“I was dreaming of a lantern,” he recalls. Today, he was invited to the legendary theater with Jiří Suchý for twenty years.

Photo: KTK

So you are brave in these sixteen years …

It probably was. But I did not know what to do better than to write to Jiří Suchý. Plus, I was really dreaming of this lantern.

Next time, I’ll like some nice movie roles. Best in historical or musical film

What else did you dream of and did it come true?

That I will play in a fairy tale. I made that wish again when I played in the Caruso Amateur Song Contest. They had a brief conversation with each participant on stage then, and I said it then. Well, the director Vlasta Janečková heard it and called me.

ZOE. So now try to make another wish. We will see if it will become a reality again …

Good. So I would like some more nice movie roles. Best in historical or musical film.

Lucie Černíková

Photo: Petr Hloušek, Právo

Let’s go back to Fanari. Which performances do you like the most?

My favorite is the Bouquet. This is a legendary show that has been played for many years, but people still go to it. It runs out again each time. It is a timeless and funny show with great music, extremely encouraging. I am very happy to be able to participate in such a job. For the last time, I liked the Wonder Pot, for example.

The traffic light is going to reopen after a forced break, it already sells tickets in September (the interview took place in early August). How do you look forward to returning?

Power. Of course, we held the lock hard. Although we tried to study a new game, we even tried it in several stages, but in the end we gave it up. As the situation continued to change and the closed door time was dragged, it did not work. We had to postpone it indefinitely. But now it looks promising again …

So are you preparing an innovation?

I was approached to participate in a special program on the occasion of the life anniversary of Mr. Jiří Suchý, which I appreciate very much. We have been trying it since September.

Of course, Jiří Suchý will be ninety years old in October. What are you up to?

It will probably be such a complex show consisting of songs. Such a series of concerts, which will be called I know even older people.

And what about your writing activity? As far as I know, sometimes you create some lyrics …

Well, I haven’t written much yet. I only have creative crises when I have the time and peace to do so, something I definitely do not have now. I dedicate most of them to my two little girls.

With her daughter and husband Lukáš Pavlík, who plays for the Chinaski team.


But you already have something in your account …

Something yes. Last year, I released my first music video with a song that I composed with my husband, and I wrote it. (Lucie Černíková’s husband is Lukáš Pavlík – drummer and guitarist of the band Chinaski.)

The song Plout ve dvou won an award on the Czech Twelve chart on Czech Radio – for staying there for twelve weeks. That made me very happy.

And otherwise, together with my husband, we create songs for the Magic Kindergarten. We compose music together, the lyrics are written by Ondřej Lážnovský. This is our screenwriter from the Magic Kindergarten and at the same time one of the main characters of the Spejbl and Hurvínek theater. The collaboration came about spontaneously and we already have about twenty songs. I hope we can release them in the fall.

So you are very professionally pressed – you moderate, you compose songs, you play in Semafor. And we have not yet mentioned the TV series you are shooting. What do you like most about it?

I do not know. I can not judge and classify it at all. I like everything I do. Each of these activities brings me something different. In the theater, I like the spontaneity and the unique charm of every moment. When the show is successful, it is extremely satisfying.

Shooting for kids is a great job. And the series … These are valuable experiences for me, the opportunity to act for the development of the character … I also have my own musical performance with melodies from musicals and movies. I’m glad I have such a different life.

Lucie Černíková

Photo: Petr Hloušek, Právo

One of the last series you appeared in was The Rose Garden Surgery. Didn’t you regret that it ended?

Since my role ended before they removed the Surgery, I did not have time to regret it. It was very fast. My character died on Friday, everyone there applauded me nicely, said goodbye …

And on Monday, the end of all filming was announced. Therefore, I had no regrets that my colleagues experienced.

Are you planning a new serial operation?

I am waiting for an interesting offer. This time I would like a role in a comedy series. In something that would be a lot of fun. I would also like another tale. It is a terrible pity that there are fewer and fewer in the Czech Republic.

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